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Player Spotlight: The Brothers Micro

This piece was written by WildfireMicro for the WFA.

Jack and Matthew Micro were born to Andrew and Jenny Micro on a cattle ranch near Lexington, Kentucky. Andrew was a slightly strict but loving father and Jenny was a supportive mother. Having been born to an upper-middle class family who owns the ranch and a milk company, their childhood was fun but somewhat lonely. They didn't have many friends, in part thanks to their more well off status compared to other kids in their small farming community on the edge of Lexington. One of their few friends was a poor kid from a few blocks away named Michael Jones. Most kids thought that they were uptight and full of themselves even though that was far from the truth.

They were well known in the community thanks to their parents. Andrews milk company made up most of the local milk sales there and they also supplied a lot of beef from the cows. They also owned some chickens but they are not really for commercial use. They also enter horses into local races. Despite this, those who know them know how humble they can be, Andrew himself born poor and having to work extremely hard for everything he has. His father was a marine drill instructor, and he taught his son the values of hard work.

All 3 of them really wanted more friends so they decided to try out for different sports at Stanley High School to see if they could meet new people that way. They tried basketball, baseball, and track. Jack ended up being the best at track and at running in general. After doing track for a while on a whim they decided to try out for the school football team, the Yellowjackets. Jack ended up becoming a running back putting his natural running ability to good use. Matt ended up becoming a cornerback due to the fact that he was always able to jump pretty high and he preferred playing defense.

Mike ended up becoming an offensive guard defending his best friend from any incoming danger. The 3 ended up becoming quite good at their respective positions and helped the Yellowjackets win the state championship 2 years in a row, the last one coming their senior year. During that time they have become extremely popular in the school and even Mike's life was improving since his mother won't have to pay for college. But there was a dilemma: all 3 of them wanted to go to different colleges. Jack wanted to stay closest to home and go to the University of Kentucky. He thought his brother and best friend would follow him but they had other plans.

Matthew grew up a fan of Kentucky's rival the University of Louisville thanks to Jenny being from there. He shocked his brother when he told him that it was where ro play college football. They argued about it for a while about it and Mike decided he wanted to go to the University of Cincinnati so he didn't have to choose between his two bickering friends. It helped that he likes the city of Cincinnati. Thankfully this helped the brothers realize how stupid they were being so they decided to let each other go to their respective colleges. At Kentucky Jack would receive multiple All-American nods and the Doak Walker award his junior year which afterwards he decided to declare for the WFA draft.

His brother didn't fare quite as well, but still had moderate success and a first team All-American nod in his junior year. They ended splitting thier rivalry series against each other the first 2 times they faced, and Kentucky won the last game of the series involving them with Jack scoring the winning touchdown in the last two minutes. After hearing about his brother's intentions to enter thr draft, he quickly followed suit hoping to end up on the same team once again. Mike meanwhile was pretty good in his years at Cincinnati but was always slightly overlooked because of his position. As soon as he heard about his friends entering the draft he quickly followed suit.

At the draft the brothers' dreams came true as they were both taken by the Memphis Tribe. Mike ended up going to the Rapid City Falcons but it didn't really bother him as he felt like just making a team was a good thing. They all agreed to play their hardest for each other and also promised to keep in touch. Jack was happy to be relatively close to the ranch and they are all ready to play as hard as they need to be great.

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