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Kicking it with DB: Season 5 Power Rankings Finale

Kicking it with DB is for pure enjoyment purposes only. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, inciting rage, or questionable moves made by owners and staff.

Minasan, kon'nichiwa. Ima shīzun no pawārankingu no saishū setto o o todoke suru no wa DBdesu. Jikan o muda ni suru koto naku, sugu ni hajimemashou. Also btw we’ll be looking at the season as a whole.

  1. Salt Lake City Vipers- This team has had an impressive first season as a whole and are the top team on the lists after defeating the Chicago Ghosts.

  2. New Orleans Voodoo- New division, no problem as the masters of the dark arts secure a first round bye in the playoffs.

  3. Colorado Clash- It’s amazing how this squad has managed to stay relevant post the departure of their owner. Hats off to the guys in the locker room. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll fare against an RC team that'll be able to dedicate their whole game plan to them.

  4. Green Bay Wolfpack- They may not have looked like the unstoppable force as of late, but don’t expect this team to be one and done in the playoffs this year. Led by MVP candidate NPJ and COY candidate Liam Hammer, this is mteam to watch in the Pacific.

  5. Portland Cougars- Despite slumping hard in the middle of the season, this Cougar squad finds themselves in the start of a postseason run. I fully expect Chris Dixon to break some postseason records this year

  6. Memphis Tribe- This team has shocked many with their success over the course of the season. And with a defensive core including Liam Mollinueax, Maur Rivers, and Alvin Bertolli, this squad could be the answer to some of these high flying offenses in this year's postseason.

  7. Charleston Swamp Foxes- Another team that shocked many around the league, the Swamp Foxes look to be the favorite to come out of the Atlantic, despite being a wildcard team. As Joel and Noah said last night, It’ll come down to which version of Art Vandelay we get.

  8. Vegas Gamblers- Man oh man. Who expected this expansion franchise to beat out Phoenix and Tokyo for a spot in the playoffs.This team has a bright future ahead led by owner Frank Wade.

  9. Chicago Ghosts- This team may be the weaker of the 4 the teams with byes, but don't count out the reigning champs. If this team can overcome their bad secondary, they could very well be hoisting another GenBowl trophy.

  10. New York Grizzlies- This team has crawled back into the playoffs behind the WR duo of Buchanon Simons and Jared Willis. However, the boys on the defense ain't no slouches either.

  11. New Haven Lancers- Another team that has crawled into the playoffs, the Lancers look to air it out against their opponent and hope for the best. With the tandem of Fitzgerald and Maclin, they have the talent to do it

  12. Rapid City Falcons- This team has had a rough stretch to end the season. Hopefully this team can be fully rested as they gear up to play the Clash soon.

  13. Miami Nightmares- This team just straight up played themselves out of the playoff with two back to back blowout losses. Hopefully whoever steps up as the owner can quickly right the ship.

  14. Toronto Reapers- You're going to brazil!

  15. Omaha Marshalls- Just Nebraska football. I also forgot to rank this team

  16. Jackson Crabs- This was a very disappointing season to say the least. The silver lining is that all 3 of their wins were against playoff squads.

  17. Team 20- A team so legendarily bad, it doesn't even deserve a name. What else can i say?

  18. Flint Firebirds- Well they went out blazing… in a bad way. What’s with that burnt chicken smell?

  19. Phoenix- Just go ahead and give this team the 1st overall pick. No way they lose to Tri

  20. Tri-Cities Fever- Finally, the embarrassment is over. Goodbye forever Tri!

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