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Omaha Invitational

The Omaha Marshalls were a franchise that once competed in the WFA. Unfortunately in S7 the Marshalls folded despite a cinderella run that saw them go 7-5 and make the playoffs despite an atrocious start. The Marshalls have been dearly missed since then. Recently a group known as the Omaha Committee formed with the goal of bringing WFA football backed to Omaha in a unique way. The WFA hasn't had an official preseason in a long time. The goal with the Omaha Invitational is too bring back preseason games in a meaningful way with Invitational tournament. 


The Omaha Invitational is planned to be a seasonal event that invites 12 teams to the event

The 4 teams who made the Final 4 in the previous' seasons playoff will be invited along with 8 teams the committee will choice the final 8. The 4 F4 teams will get a round 1 Bye and choose between the 4 R1 games to make the bracket

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