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Kicking it with DB and Liam: Lightning Round Predictions

Haha, I bet y'all thought I was done for the day. You were WRONG! We got predictions on tap now.

New York Grizzlies @ Charleston Swamp Foxes

First matchup on the list, we got New York heading on the road to take on the Swamp Foxes. With Bob Owens being recently traded, I don’t think there's a guy that can stop Roger Howard. Gimme the Foxes 32-17. I think Roger Howard has a big day.

Toronto Reapers @ Jackson Crabs

Next up we have the Reapers heading way down south to take on the Crabs. The crabs may be winless, but they have the talent to get a win vs this Toronto Squad. Jackson may not have as good of a secondary as Miami, but they have one hell of a Front 7. I have the crabs sneaking away with this is a defensive battle, 21-17. My player to watch is Linebacker Chris Milligan, he’s tasked with stopping a brief teammate, Jack Micro, and I expect Milligan’s strength to win him that battle.

Flint Firebirds @ Memphis Tribe

After a humiliating loss at home, the Firebirds go on the road to take on the Memphis Tribe. If Shann Varner was coaching this game, I would be more favorable to the Firebirds, but he’s not at the end of the day. This Tribe is pissed off and angry after surrendering that loss to Chicago and I’ll say this the one team to beat the Tribe at home is the New Orleans Voodoo. I don’t think Flint’s offense is anywhere near New Orleans so gimme Memphis 24-7 and I expect Erza Swift to capitalize on a quarterback that has been mistake prone in the last few games.

Chicago Ghosts @ New Orleans Voodoo.

Speak of the darn devil, we have the VooDoo hosting the Ghosts in what I’m dubbing the Spook Bowl. Both teams are coming in with impressive wins last week. However, I gotta go with the Voodoo, I think their offense is gonna be a little bit too much for the Ghosts. I see the score being 42-28 in favor of the Voodoo. I think this will be a huge game for Kevin Vance. He hasn’t been dominating the competition like years past, but when he’s on he’s on.

Vegas Gamblers @ Colorado Clash

After pulling off an amazing upset, the Gamblers head on the road to take on the Clash. It’ll be interesting to see how the Clash offense performs now that they traded their sure fire Pro Bowl receiver, Jefferson Fitzgerald. I think this will be another close game for the Clash, but I think this one will result in a loss. I just don’t see another guy on the roster that can fill JFitz’s shoes. 28-17 Gamblers and my guy to watch is Richmond Webb. Webb is building himself a nice resume for the Pro Bowl and i expect him to keep it up this game

Tokyo Titans @ Green Bay Wolfpack

Both teams may have lost last week, but this game still has Game of the Week written all over it. As much as I've been growing to love the Titans, I gotta go with the Wolfpack with a bounce back dub, 28-21. And who else would we be watching the game for other than MVP frontrunner Nathan Peterman Junior.

Tri-Cities Fever @ Omaha Marshalls

Not much to see here. Gimme the Marshalls 21-14 and expect a pretty good game out of kelton Shields.

Salt Lake City Vipers @ Phoenix Fighters

Look, unless Abdul Hodge breaks the record for most interceptions in a game, I think the Vipers walk out with a comfortable win, 32-14. Hopefully, Zach Lott can go back to being his dominant self this game.

Portland Cougars @ Rapid City Falcons

You smell that. I smell a potential shoout brewing between Jack Pierck(man fuck tryying to speel his name) and Hugo Zacahry. The Cougars seem to have gotten back their groove after slumping through the season while the Falcons look red hot coming off a 3 game win streak. It’ll be a close one, lotta points scored, but i gotta go with the Cougars. After seeing the Falcons trade Pierre and Lender and only get Strafford in return is a big mistake. I think Chris Dixon has a monster game vs a Falcons dline that hasn't been the best at stopping the run.

And remember, If you don’t like my takes then sue me. By for now and keep kicking it, baby

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