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Kicking it With DB and Liam: Week 8 Power Rankings

Well well the mad lads are back at it again! This time we are tackling power rankings. Please direct all hate mail to Smith. Cool thanks.

Charleston Swamp Foxes

Liam- This is an easy one. League best 6-1 record and have looked stylish doing it.

DB- After giving a lot of folks a near heart attack vs the Grizzlies, Charleston needs a dominant win to resecure that firm hold on the top spot.

Green Bay Wolfpack

Liam- After a hiccup last week against my number 2 team on this list the Wolfpack got back on track with a convincing win over the Titans.

DB- They were dominating the Titans at first, but let this the Far East Boys make a game out of it late. This defens needs to get better in late game situtions or they could get bounced in the Wildcard.

New Orleans Voodoo

Liam- This team is looking better every week but the question is are they good enough to challenge the Swamp Foxes in the playoffs?

DB- These guys finally crawl back up from the lose to Miami. Hopefully, they can continue to improve on this mini-shootout with Chicago.

Vegas Gamblers

Liam- It isn't pretty, in fact every game this season has been within a score, but good teams win close games and they have done that. Next up they have the Tokyo Titans who they beat 17-14 week 1.

DB- This team has quickly forgotten about the embarrassing loss to then winless Tri-Cities. Sneaking out of Colorado with a win, This team has a good resume for the playoffs.

Memphis Tribe

Liam- I was tempted to put the Tribe higher but the loss to Chicago and a close shave versus the Firebirds keep them on the edge of the top 5.

DB- The Tribe wins in usual defensive fashion. This team loves to get into a defensive slugfest and with their front 7 and secondary they have more than enough guys to do it consistently.

Rapid City Falcons

Liam- Now some people might think I have them too high but this team is the definition of hot. 4 game win streak with all wins coming by double digits. The Rotund Righty is mad and it's time to get on board or get out of the way.

DB- After winning 4 straight games, how can this team not be top 10. So far, they look like a Dark Horse coming out of the Pacific conference.

Chicago Ghosts

Liam- I don't know what to make of this team. 1-2 against teams with a winning record but with the 1 win being against a very good Tribe squad.

DB- What a disappointing loss. The Ghosts kept pace with the Voodoo till the end regardless. Expect them to be back to shape next week.

Salt Lake City Vipers

Liam- This team is very talented and not one you want to face down the stretch.

DB- Look, the only reason they take a slid is that I simply think RC is the better squad.

Colorado Clash

Liam- "But they lead their division Hammer! Only lost by 1 score!". 2 reasons I have them here. First the Clash have struggled on offense and with playbooks opening this week this team is going to start to feel the effects of Time2Clash's departure.

DB- I think we're starting to see the effect of Time leaving as the owner. This is a game they probably should've won a couple weeks back, but now I expect some tuff times for this team up ahead.

Tokyo Titans

Liam- Ok listen Smith. The only reason you're here is because of the teams below you. The Titans did play the Clash close, only losing by 3 and the Wolfpack close for at least part of the game. Things don't get easier though with a match against the Gamblers up next.

DB- Yeah, Yeah they lost, But you have to applaud them for almost pulling off one of the best comebacks in the history of the league.

Omaha Marshalls

Liam- This team is fantastic against bad teams; they average 30 PPG on offense and 22 PPG allowed against teams with a losing record. But here's the thing. Those numbers flip flop to 20.5 PPG and 33.5 PPG allowed when playing teams with a winning record.

DB- It might have been a little closer than it should have, but the Marshalls do recover from that big loss to Green Bay.

Miami Nightmares

Liam- A sneak good squad, they do nothing great but are well coached and play hard and smart.

DB- Honestly, this squad and New Haven's are about as even as it gets. I'm giving the Nightmares the edge due having a more stable team build.

Flint Firebirds

Liam- Things have not not gone Flint's way this season but at least they played the Tribe close and maybe new coach Shann Varner can give them the spark they need for a playoff push.

DB- This team cut it close with the Tribe, granted it probably worked against their favor. Hopefully, New coach Shann Varner can turning a struggling Nick Mollinuex into a better qb.

New York Grizzlies

Liam- This defense played very well against the Swamp Foxes. Could this be a turning of the tide for the New Yorkers? Still plenty of time in a wide open division.

DB- Honestly with how open this division has been, It wouldn't shock me one bit if Jared Willis and Buchanan Simons carried this team to the playoffs.

Portland Cougars

Liam- This team started hot but now has gone ice cold. Hopefully they can turn it around in time for the playoffs.

DB- So much for having that mojo back. What happened to this team this half of the season. And with how the other teams in their division are playing, the playoff window for this team is gonna keep on shrinking unless they fix something.

Toronto Reapers

Liam- You're lucky I don't put you lower after that absolute beat down from the previously winless crabs.

DB- How? Just how did this team manage to get their rear ends handed to them by Jackson? We know this Crabs squad has one of the best HB to grace the field in the WFA, but c'mon man.

New Haven Lancers

Liam- Hey always next season right guys?

DB- "We're legit". What happened after this quote explains exactly why they're this low. And without a star tier HB, this coaching staff is gonna have a tuff time in the post-game interviews.

Jackson Crabs

Liam- Hey you did it! No winless season for the Crab faithful. Unfortunately the schedule does not get any easier as they play 4 of the top 5 teams on my list.

DB- Speak of the devil. That's how you win a football game after a losing streak! They'll be playing for pride from here on out as it's more than likely too late for them to make the playoffs.

Tri-Cities Fever

Liam- You've shown some life the last few weeks but unfortunately it most likely is too little too late already down 4 games in the division.

DB- Yet again, this squad was competing in a game they on paper probably shouldn't. However, I think they should save the energy and make plans for winning the Toilet Bowl.

Phoenix Fighters

DB-Again #FreeMyBoyAbdul. At least they're almost guaranteed a spot in the Toilet Bowl.

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