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Free Agency: Day Five

Day Five of Free Agency has come to a close and here are the official signings:

Fighters Abdul Hodge SS 4yrs (5M)

Fighters Alan Vosburg OLB 3yrs (50k)

Fighters Richard Gilmer C 1yrs (10k)

Reapers Joe Smith TE 4yrs (1k)

Titans Bernard Beck T 1yrs (2k)

Titans Lue Lui FB 1yrs (1.5k)

Titans Mike Swim DT 3yrs (3k)

Reapers Tyrell Ashwell CB 4yrs

Clash Robert Hunter CB 1yr

Clash Travis Dean DT 1yr

Crabs Willy Brawley DE 2yrs

Wolf Pack Erik Fisher CB 3yrs

Wolf Pack Travis Hensley OL 2yrs

Nightmares Kazuya Wakamastsu DE 4yrs (2M)

Nightmares Jesse Bohannon C 2yrs (1k)

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