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Car's, Bar's, and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - ILB Edition

This evening we take a look at the heart and soul of a defense. The ILBs are the quarterbacks of the defense. If your defense wasn't where you thought it needed to be, these players may be the key to a quick defensive turnaround: I like ILBs to have leverage and power while I prefer long bodies at OLB. Here are my top 5 ILBs:

5. Danny Bates - Michigan State - 6-1, 240. Bates is known for his ability to "get the ball". While he didnt create any turnovers, he did have 13 tackles with two being for a loss. He has the right size for the position and will probably move up in the position due to his big hitting ability. 4. Collins Blue - Florida - 6-5, 245. He may need to move outside if he can run due to his length. It will be difficult for him to leverage on lead blockers at his height. Still, he was productive with 13 tackles and an interception. 3. Jon Fowler - Oregon - 6-2, 260. Another player with the right size for the position although he is a little pudgy at 260. the strength coach on his future team better run the dog shit out of this guy and get him in shape for the longer quarters he will be playing. Very productive with 17 tackles. 2. Jean Simmons - Washington - 5-11, 245. My personal favorite due to his name being similar to the greatest bass player of all time. He has the best overall size for the position and it showed in his play. He had 17 tackles and threw in 1.5 sacks just for fun. He will be a "War Machine" for his future team. 1. Bing Chunk - Oregon State - 6-4, 270. Too tall and too heavy os the knock on this big cat but he did produce. He had 18 tackles with 5 TFLs. I donlt know where fits in a future defense but he is a player. His nickname for your team could be "Biscuit", because he looks like he is a biscuit away from 300 pounds. D Tackle?

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