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WFA RE-DRAFT: Season 2, Round 2

A Continuation of the 1st Re-Draft that is Live on YouTube now. Here is the Second Round full of the Who's, Where's, and When's that shaped League History. PICK 13: HONOLULU WYVERNS ORIGINAL SELECTION: DeAndre Washington QB San Diego State NEW SELECTION: Kevin Vance WR North Dakota After selecting the greatest RB in WFA History, It only makes sense that Honolulu tries to build up the offensive weapons some more with the WR rated 4th in Yards and 10th in TDs all time. Vance was originally drafted by the Wyverns in the 4th round, but this time they saw his true potential and jumped on it. Passing on Washington is a risky move with no answer at QB, but situations that surrounded his career that kept it from being all it could have been kept him from being drafted in this exercise.

PICK 14: INDIANAPOLIS CYCLONES ORIGINAL SELECTION: Cliff Holmes DT Alcorn State NEW SELECTION: Zach Lott RB Portland State While the selection of Cliff Holmes did well for the Cyclones in the short term, the ability to find a franchise RB in the 2nd Round is impossible to pass up. If you have only been around for a short time and have only seen Lott in the Lancer's uniform, you haven't seen him at his best. Just watch his Season 7 Vipers campaign to see what he was capable of.

PICK 15: JACKSON CRABS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Zyon Gilbert CB FLORIDA ATLANTIC NEW SELECTION: Kelton Shields RB Syracuse Like Lott, Shields is often overlooked when talking about the solid starters in the league, but he won't be this time. Shields has been known as the only good player on some terrible Marshalls teams, and while his statistics aren't the best, he had the talent to be a star if put in the right situation. Without Ajaki, the Crabs are in that situation and will let Shields be the 3rd option on offense instead of the one and only. Zyon Gilbert was a solid choice for this team, but the team needs dictate that this pick has to be made.

PICK 16: OMAHA MARSHALLS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Jamarkus Murray DB South Dakota State NEW SELECTION: Gerald Fredrick LB Georgia State While Murray is still a journeyman looking for a breakout, Fredrick was a rock-solid presence on the New York Grizzlies Defense. Another 4th round pick that turned into a starter, Fredrick is a guy that is always someone's answer on defense and should be thought of as a great player in this league.

PICK 17: FLINT FIREBIRDS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Noah Underhill Jr DB TCU NEW SELECTION: Colin Taylor WR Cleveland State Yes, Jake, I know he should be higher, but in a draft like this with so many great receivers and not many teams looking for one, it should be no surprise that Colin Taylor somehow slipped through the cracks. The former 4th rounder has been the best No. 2 WR in the league, in my opinion, lining up next to guys like Tyler Holmes, Jefferson Fitzgerald, and Marquez Vick and somehow ending up as top 15 in Yards, YPC, and Number 2 in TDs. In this scenario, he would slowly surpass JJ Bryant and become the No.1 in Michigan and maybe make Vincent Morris look capable.

PICK 18: CHICAGO GHOSTS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Jamal Perkins DB Clemson NEW SELECTION Herald Mortiz QB Southern Mississippi Jamal Perkins has been a solid depth CB, and sometimes you are ok with that in the 2nd round, but in this league, you need a lot more. Herald Mortiz is a QB that is good enough to win with, and his 6th All-Time TDs show you that he has gotten a lot of teams deep in the playoffs. Mortiz played a lot for one former Commish, so why not give him to another to fill the QB hole?

PICK 19: RAPID CITY FALCONS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Alex Perry DL Clemson NEW SELECTION: Aryian Crosby S Utah If Perry is off of the board, grabbing Crosby is a great player to boost that classical bad defense. Crosby has been a stalwart of the Green Bay secondary since being picked in the 7th round of this draft. This tackle machine would strongly help elevate this team to possible championship glory.

PICK 20: INDIANAPOLIS CYCLONES ORIGINAL SELECTION: Bo Turner-Smith RB Louisana Layfette NEW SELECTION: Boomer Tiggs DE Montana Going from a guy that never played a down to a sack machine is a total upgrade. Tiggs is a solid Pass Rusher that has 10+ Sack upside every season. Tiggs was originally a 5th round pick of the Marshalls, and while he took a bit to get going, he was been very solid and would have been even more so if he was the primary on a young Cyclones team.

PICK 21: NEW YORK GRIZZLIES ORIGINAL SELECTION: Bob Owens DB Savannah State NEW SELECTION: Joey Johnson DL Arkansas State Bob Owens is a player that I really like and has been a solid S for several teams to this point. I didn't take him in this draft, but I would have considered him very soon if the exercise had continued, but because the Grizzlies already addressed DB and haven't really had a long-term pass-rushing talent, getting Joey Johnson to be that guy is something I don't think they would pass up. Johnson is one of those guys that you know can be super dangerous, and New York would have loved to showcase his talent if they knew how good he actually was.

PICK 22: YAKIMA YETI ORIGINAL SELECTION: Donald Hills TE UAB NEW SELECTION: Chad Fortune TE LSU Donald Hills could have been good, but Smith RUINED him. Heard that one before. Let's replace him with Chad Fortune, who has been one of the more consistent TEs you will find in the league. He averages around 600 yards per season, and that's with several seasons in Omaha. Who knows what could have happened if Fortune had been around when Logan got a hold of this franchise?

PICK 23: NEW HAVEN LANCERS ORIGINAL SELECTION: Shaun Crawford WR Fresno State NEW SELECTION: Alvin Bertoli DB Penn The Lancers wasted a pick on WR Shaun Crawford, who has been an entry-level 3rd WR at best during his career. A much better selection would have been Alvin Bertoli, as he has been a Gold CB for much of his career. Pairing him with Curt McDuffie would have helped the Lancers become a team to be afraid of and would have kept them out of the hole they ended up in.

PICK 24: RICHMOND RENEGADES ORIGINAL SELECTION: Henry Coatley DL Michigan NEW SELECTION: Brad Sorenson QB Sothern Utah Guys, please believe me that Brad Sorenson was good. In his 3 Years as a starter in New Orleans/Miami, Sorenson never had a QBR below 93 and was a consistent 3,000-yard passer. The ending of his San Diego Career has tarnished his name and left him to rot as one of the last QB FA victims, but when he was at his peak, he was good enough to be a star and would have been a quality starter for Joel and would maybe even have gotten him another ring. Coatley has shown flashes of being a good starter but needs to do it at a higher level to be considered here.

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