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WFA Free Agency Period Two

The World Football Alliance's second off-season free agency period will begin tomorrow at noon eastern time. This is a huge opportunity for teams to round out their rosters and fill out some of those vital openings in the depth chart. Here are a few of the most notable names currently available: QB | Mason Jackson - The former Marshall field general is a gold tier and looking for work, it may be a safe assumption that he will be one of the first names to sign in the opening day of the second free agency period. Possible Landing Spots: Memphis Tribe: They have the cap space and while they claim that Jaime Spencer is their franchise QB there is no way that the Tribe front office is going to head into the season without a higher tier QB... right? Vegas Gamblers: Vincent Morris is penciled in as the starter in Vegas but they do have the cap space and potential to create a little competition for the starting spot in the desert.

RB | Joel Woods III : The top rated free agency half back, Woods III could be a great addition to a team who is a bit thin in the backfield.

Possible Landing Spots: Flint Firebirds: The boys in "Vehicle City" are currently carrying two bronze RB's and could pull off a drop and sign for Woods.

Memphis Tribe: If the Tribe do decide that Jaime Spencer is their quarterback of the future, signing Woods could give them a much needed spark in the offensive backfield, they have the cap space to make on big signing.

CB | Joseph Aiken: The former Michigan Panther of the ASFL (WFA now defunct minor league) may be the best defensive player left without a team. The bronze tier player carries Closing Speed and Run Coverage Bonus meaning he may be a candidate for a position change to a safety position. Possible Landing Spots: Tri-Cities Fever: The Fever's secondary is a bit bare and Aiken could be a bargain addition for a team that doesn't have a large amount in the coffers. Omaha Marshalls: The lawmen appear, on paper, to be the weakest defense in the WFA. Adding Aiken at either CB or S would help bolster a defense that in our opinion... is going to give up a lot of points this season.

Flint Firebirds: Just like the other teams in our list, the Firebirds' defense is a little thin in the secondary and adding Joseph Aiken could help close some gaps.

Chicago Ghosts: The Ghosts have a relationship with Aiken, he was a member of their organization while on loan in the ASFL. We could see him added to the Ghosts' roster for Nickle/Dime situations and we know that Chicago loves bringing back players that they're familiar with.

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