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The New Generation Football League will enter into its historic fifth season with a new name, new color scheme and new attitude. The newly dubbed World Football Alliance has been born with a pin-point focus on becoming a premiere entertainment product for its members and fans alike.

WFA Logo Set
WFA logos created by Midnight7Design


|"The WFA is wholly and completely focused on the quality of our game. Better engagement and immersion for our owners, staffers and players. Better presentation and production for our fans. We want our brand of simulation football to be friendly, accessible and above all else FUN." - WFA Commissioner, Chicago Ghosts


The new-look league aims to engage more people via social media such as Twitter and Instagram while taking live game broadcasts to the Twitch streaming service and uploading on-demand games on the league's YouTube, which used to be the live home for games. The league commissioners believe that the new stream platform will open the doors for new members to discover the WFA and it's brand of simulation football but the owner of the Chicago Ghosts and one third of the league commissioner team wants to make one thing abundantly clear: The World Football Alliance is not in competition with anyone. Other leagues exist and will continue to exist, the WFA wants nothing more than to present simulation football their way. The WFA will begin it's twelve game fifth season in late August or early September.

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