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Push for the Playoffs

The push for the season five playoffs begin this week as the final five weeks will certainly decide the division champions and the playoff seedings. For those who are new to the WFA let's go over the playoff format. 12 total teams will enter the playoffs with six teams being seeded from each conference. The top two teams from each conference earning a first round bye. Seeds #3-#6 will meet in the wildcard round with #3 and #4 hosting #6 and #5 respectively with the winners moving forward to face #1 and #2 with the winners of the Division Round matchups will meet in the Conference Championship Games. Of course the winners of each Conference Championship game will meet in a historic Generation Bowl V being hosted by the city of Los Angeles, California this year! But, before we crown a champion we must decide our third ToiletBowl Champion and the owner of the number one overall draft pick in the Season VI Rookie Draft! This is a tradition that has become one of the most anticipated games of the season for members of the WFA community. Being apart of the ToiletBowl means one more game to compete in before the off-season and marks the first big step forward in rebuilding a franchise. This fifth season of the World Football Alliance has been one of some strife and turmoil with losing owners and issues with various aspects of our league but through it all the league has remained strong and moving ever forward. We have built a diverse community of FOOTBALL fans and simulation sport enthusiasts and that is what we celebrate during the final leg of the regular season and into the GenBowl Playoffs.

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