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Noah's Mock Draft 2.0 Picks 11-25

The continuation of my Mock Draft 2.0 from our lovely YouTube channel. Go watch that, or this will make slightly less sense. PICK 11: CHARLESTON FEDERALS 1ST MOCK: Matt Bradley S Long Island 2ND MOCK: Matt Bradley S Long Island It feels like it's a foregone conclusion that if Bradley is available, The Feds will be selecting him. They have a need at Free Saftey, and if you can put your friend in that position, you are doing it right.

PICK 12: MIAMI NIGHTMARES 1ST MOCK: Art Vandelay IV CB Tuscon 2ND MOCK: VERNON CAMBELL DT RALEIGH After looking at the roster of Miami again, I think a DT makes more sense in this spot. With 2 Bronze Veterans in the line-up, A young player like Cambell could be the spark that the defense needs. He was one of the better pass rushers, which is also a need for Miami if their vets aren't able to produce. PICK 13: CHARLESTON FEDERALS 1ST MOCK: Julius Orange DT Boise 2ND MOCK: JACKIE NIMBLE DL THUNDER BAY With Orange off the board, the Federals will have to get creative again for their other DT spot. Nimble is on the smaller side of the scale, but he can still bring a lot of rush and if put in the right position, could be very elite.

PICK 14: MONTREAL BERSERKERS 1ST MOCK: Forrestal Hickman T Fargo 2ND MOCK Forrestal Hickman T Fargo This pick seems all but confirmed as the Berserkers have shown a lot of interest in the only User Lineman in the class. The only question is, will the pick be made this early?

PICK 15: CHARLESTON FEDERALS 1ST MOCK: Broderick McFadden WR Fargo 2ND MOCK: Matt Vanmeter TE Boise McFadden is off the board, and the closer we get to draft day, the less likely it will be that WR Travis Stafford will be on the move. So it's time to take the next position of need and an offensive weapon in Matt Vanmeter. While he didn't come out at a very high tier, he still has the height advantage and the chance to upgrade, thanks to this offensive system.

PICK 16: CHARLESTON FEDERALS 1ST MOCK: Matt Vanmeter TE Boise 2ND MOCK: WYATT ZUSPAN LB RALEIGH Zuspan slides a bit down the draft board but still ends up playing for a Pierce. Charleston's LB core is questionable at best right now, and the addition of a leader like Zuspan would make this defense one to be feared.

PICK 17: CHARLESTON FEDERALS 1ST MOCK: Jake Mollineaux Jr. CB Boise 2ND MOCK: CHAD KRUGER CB FARGO These guys are very close in rating, but I think the next team will make sure that Jake Jr slides to them. Kruger is a very talented CB and would be a great boundary CB allowing Mojo Rizing to play in the slot. Federals get another key piece on their championship quest.

PICK 18: BOSTON WHALES 1ST MOCK: Amadi Ayodele S RALEIGH (LINCOLN) 2ND MOCK: JAKE MOLLINEAUX JR. CB Boise So Boston decided to participate in the draft, huh? It just makes too much sense for SKLL to take Jake Jr and make him into a star. I don't see a world where it doesn't happen because I can't think of a different explanation for why this happened. It has to be to steal a Jake, right? Right?

PICK 19: INDIANA LYNX 1ST MOCK: Illinois Jones S Tuscon 2ND MOCK: ALGE LAQUE S Boise It seems like the Lynx will be taking the 3rd or 4th Safety, and this time it is Alge LaQue who falls to them. LaQue is a good community member and a great player on top of it. Just watching his tape will tell you that he would be a great building block for the Lynx if he were to fall to them.


PICK 20: WYOMING CAVALRY 1ST MOCK: Dave Beaner WR Oaks 2ND MOCK: JEREMY OHLINGER WR Long Island As much as I am a supporter of Dave Beaner, if Ohlinger falls, the Cavalry should be the ones to stop the slide. He did all that was asked of him and made Chuck Kit a silver on his own. He was the Leader in Yards and was still pretty efficient for the amount of work that he got. Another sneaky move at this pick...If a QB falls into this range, the Cavs could jump at the chance to upgrade from Jack P.

PICK 21: LOUISIANA STEAMERS 1ST MOCK: Vernon Cambell DT Oaks 2ND MOCK: MORBIUS MOLLINEAUX WR Louisana still gets Morbius and continues their feud with Jake even though they waited a full round to do it. I think going with the less deep position in the first makes more sense for the Steam Team, and showing that they will still be able to get a really solid WR like Morbs at this spot should be an encouragement.

PICK 22: DES MOINES CORN KINGS 1ST MOCK: Fugu Guypan CB Freeze 2ND MOCK: STORM PAYTON RB FREEZE In an odd off-season move, the Corn Boys traded ol Rhino Spine for a bag of beans this off-season, so now they have to replace him with the most viable RB available, Storm Payton. I think it's likely that Payton gets to this spot, so this is either the plan, or I'm telling the teams that could be interested in moving on from their backs, the perfect place to try and land a trade. Either way, Payton should be able to come in and be a starter right away and make an impact where ever he ends up.

PICK 23: POTTSVILLE MAROONS 1ST MOCK: Jackie Nimble DE Thunder Bay 2ND MOCK: MORPHEUS PHIST G RALEIGH Pottsville just drafted their franchise RB so why not give him someone to run behind? The third Phist fits the bill for what Pottsville is looking to do this season, and I think he won't be able to pass up a Phisting, no matter how tempting it may be.

PICK 24: VEGAS VENOM 1ST MOCK: D'Jasper Cruz Jr G Freeze 2ND MOCK: Jackmerius Thibodeaux C Tuscon Vegas will be looking for Offensive Lineman in this draft, and Jackmerius is certainly one of them. He is the perfect size and should be able to help whoever ends up as QB 1 next season.

PICK 25: INDIANA LYNX 1ST MOCK: Kyle Finnamore WR Oaks 2ND MOCK: Eric Schraeder TE Fargo With their other WR slots filling up and them just trading away their 2nd TE, I think that adding Eric Schraeder to the mix would be a really fun way to confuse a defense. I mean, the Schraeder and Schroder duo will be unstoppable. But seriously, if they use them correctly, a two TE system could work, and this would be a good one to try it with.

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