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Kicking it with Liam and DB: Midseason predictions

DB- Heyo wassup guys its DB and Liam back at it with another installment of Kicking it with DB and Liam. Today, we'll be discussing matchups for week 6

Liam-It's a big week for a couple teams as the divisions start to shake out.

DB- of course. with that said our first matchup, in order of the site is Memphis Tribe @ Chicago Ghosts. Liam, before we discuss our picks let's talk about this matchup.

Memphis Tribe @ Chicago Ghosts

Liam-Well the Ghosts are coming off a loss to the red hot Swamp Foxes. They struggled mightily on both sides of the ball in that game. Offensively they've been up and down and with how this Tribe defense has been playing this season it doesn't bode well for their chances to get it going this week.

DB- Honestly Liam, I agree with you. With playbooks being locked until week 9, I don't see how Chi's gonna run their offense with only 2 star tier players at the Wide Receiver and Tight End spot. Meanwhile on defense, It'll be interesting to see how these new CB's that the Ghosts acquired, one being from Jackson, will perform against a Tribe offense that had 2 100 yard receivers.

Liam- Ghost's owner Logan made a lot of moves this week but I think the biggest is the addition of Gold CB Parker Thomas who was shockingly let go from the Falcons earlier this season. With Chicago's offense struggles this defense has to step up in a big way. Memphis have consistently hit on the deep ball this year, with 2 of their WRs averaging over 20 yards per catch. The Ghosts have to clamp down to that if they want to win and that starts with their new star corner, Parker Thomas

DB- I think this team has two fatal faults. The first being only having 2 star tier receivers. As you know Liam, having a generic WR or TE anywhere involved in your offenses often leads to drop and INT`s. Another one, is to no fault of their own. And that is SS Mike Hunt. He's simply not a true coverage guy, he's a box safety. And if you remember that Jackson game, alotta Jamie's big throws were when a Safety or CB was blitzing, including the game winner to Andrew Brooks.

Liam- That's a very good point DB, with the emphasis on deep balls from the Tribe it's going to be up to Mike Hunt to give his guys some help and that's simply not his skill set.

DB- Alright Liam, I think we've discussed this matchup long enough. Give us your picks and player to watch for in this game.

Liam- I'm going to have to go with the Tribe here 23-17 and my player to watch is Safety Ezra Swift. Winning the turnover battle is always important but even more so when you play defensive football like the tribe. If Swift can add to his 3 INT total against the Ghosts I expect the Tribe to march on to a 5-1 start to the season.

DB- I`m going with the Tribe here too. However, I don't think that Chi-Town is gonna be able to keep up all 4 quarters, gimme 31-7 Tribe. I'm also going on offense for player to watch. I feel like this game will be a huge one for Jamie Spencer. He has been by far the shock of the season and we'll see if he can keep this up in Chicago.

Liam- We will see. It's going to be up to the Chicago defense to keep this one close and give them a chance. What game is next on the docket DB?

New Orleans Voodoo @ Flint Firebirds

DB-We got the New Orleans Voodoo going on the road to Flint, Michigan to take on the Firebirds. Liam, watchu see here?

Liam- Well the Voodoo are on a 2 game skid coming into this one. A loss here could put them 2 games back in a very competitive division. Lesnar struggled mightily last week against the Nightmares and he's going to need to rebound here. On the plus side for the Voodoo I see a lot of holes on this Firebird offense and if New Orleans can get back to the way they were playing the first 3 weeks defensively this could be a long day for Nick Mollineaux and company.

DB- I agree with you Liam, This is an early must win to stay in the race for the South with the Tribe and Swamp Foxes. Expect this front 7 for Flint to make this no easy feat for Lesnar and company. However, I feel much better about their offense now, finessing Toronto out of a Top 10 Back in exchange for a lackluster Jack Micro.

Liam- Agreed. The Flint Firebirds look to be shaping up as pretenders instead of contenders in my eyes. Here's something to note the teams they have beat have a combined record of 3-12. It's been mostly on the shoulders of Nick Mollineaux too with the ground game struggling. Not a recipe for success.

DB- Yeah the Firebirds have had many chances to secure first in the beaten up North and have choked it away time and time again. This is definitely a must win for both teams.

Liam- A player to watch in this one is Voodoo rookie safety Brain Craven. We all know Mollineaux can be a bit of a loose cannon so expect the rookie to snag one in this game.

DB- Another thing to note about Craven is that he's one of the few players with a Pick Six, so this youngin' knows how to run with that ball.

Liam- In the end I think this all adds up to a 27-20 win for the Voodoo.

DB- Yeah, I think the Voodoo come out with a win this week in Flint. I predict the score will be 24-14. My player to watch is Omar Diamond, I feel like he's gonna have a HUGE DEBUT for New Orleans on the road.

Liam- Yeah New Orleans definitely has more to lose in this one

Charleston Swamp Foxes @ New Haven Lancers

Liam- Well this is an easy one DB. The Swamp foxes, one of the hottest teams in the league, are just coming off a 41-24 beatdown of the Chitown Ghosts. New Haven on the other hand is on a bit of a skid after starting the season strong. I expect shoe in rookie of the year Art Vandeley to keep rolling, give me Charleston 49-23.

DB- Yeah no need to spend too much time on this. The Lancers have just absolutely refused to try and improve their secondary or receiver core. This team has constantly been shredded by opposing teams. Not only that but they've also had low production numbers out their WR1 Maclin, who often receives

the most attention from defenses as the only silver or better threat in the pass game. Gimme the Swamp Foxes 43-13, expect the duo of Roger Howard and Art Vandelay to demolish this poor defense.

Liam- Yes I'm writing my condolences to the Lancers now.

DB- man, the coaching staff up in New haven ain't gon like that Liam. Who's next up, Liam?

Jackson Crabs @ New York Grizzlies

Liam- Haha well it is what it is.

Next we got the the 1-4 New York Grizzlies taking on the winless Crabs. What's your thoughts here DB?

DB- Honestly when we first saw this game on the schedule, We thought this was gonna be a playoff preview. Instead, this is looking a lot like a Toilet Bowl preview. Honestly, this game is a toss up for me.

Liam- Well at least the Crabs kicker is perfect right? These are not the Jackson Crabs of old DB. I do think they are a better team then their record but only slightly. Tasked with one of the toughest schedules in football I think this is one of the few and far between chances at a win for this once elite franchise. Give me the Crabs 20-13. Adebowale is the key to victory in this one. Control the clock and don't make mistakes is the name of the game for the Crabs if they want to win.

DB- C'mon, Liam. After, they just traded a CB. This team is tasked with stopping the best WR tandem in the league in Jared Willis and Buchannon Simons. Both WR's are in the top statically and I just don't think the crabs will be able to keep up with these demons. Be on the lookout for Jared Willis as I got the grizzlies winning 21-17.

Liam- Well the Grizzlies are going to need both those guys to perform when they are averaging under 2.5 per carry. Don't forget playbooks are locked so the same team that put up 9 on the Reapers is what we will be seeing. For the Crabs getting Adebowale going should help defuse that pass rush leader by Cooter Jeffries IV.

Miami Nightmares @ Toronto Reapers

DB- Hey guys, for the next picks We'll be joined by Smith, owner of the Tokyo Titans, and Zac Holldorf, owner of the Rapid City Falcons. As Liam had to step out for a bit, We'll proceed with the show as regular. Smith and Zac, our next matchup is Toronto going on the road to take on Miami. Your thoughts?

Smith- Toronto has Miami's number on defense but Miami has Toronto's number on defense too it should be a defensive battle. Offenses will be looking for answers. I think mirco will be the difference maker in Toronto that they need but it won't be this week.

Zac- Miami has had its hit and miss moments this year. Look good and look bad. Hopefully this is a week that they can look like a playoff team sneak out a win.

Smith- I think Miami is a year or 2 away from contention. Toronto as well.

DB- Yeah, I gotta agree with you Smith, this will be a battle of the defenses. However, I think Miami' defense has the edge, due to the fact we haven't seen any team just flat up wallop them. For Toronto, as I've said before New Orleans straight out finessed them. Not only did they get an upgrade at HB, top 10 HB Omar Diamond II, but they didn't have to give up extra picks. Look I've seen enough tape of Micro to tell you, he has to have good blocking to break loose, and sometimes that's not even enough.

Zac- Toronto on the other hand has had more issues than tissues this year so far, but I have faith that Stover and Tom have figured out how to put a playbook together and string together some wins. But for this week I don't see Toronto winning, and I have Miami taking it 27-17.

Smith- I'll go toronto 34- Miami 10. Player to watch mirco on offense and and defense the stud cb miami drafted. Toronto defense will be fun to watch. Just got a feeling about this one. Mirco will add some spice to the offense while resting the defense.

DB- Spice, man you must call mayo spicy? This guy will most likely not be the answer for Toronto and we're gonna see it live.

Omaha Marshalls @ Salt Lake City Vipers

DB- Next matchup, we have the Omaha Marshalls going on the road to take on the Salt Lake Vipers.

Zac- The Marshall's offense has come along ways and really improved, defense is still decent but is missing one or 2 pieces. Vipers have a decent team put together by Ross Sr. the offense i think can be a big hit and then they have moments where they fall flat.They Vipers defense is like the offense hit and miss.

Smith- Omaha should win in a slugfest 28- 17. I love what Omaha has done with their offense. Shields is a force. Omaha's offense will be too much for the vipers defense. Shields and the quarterback are just too much for SLC defense. Omaha's west coast flavor is something I'm really digging this year.

DB- Aggh, Not so fast my friend. Both of these teams got whooped last weekend. Omaha obviously took the vicious one of the two. I don`t know about yall but I think the Vipers seize an opportunity to try and take 1st in the West Division, gimme them 28-14. I look at this Vipers offense and just love what I see out of Essex Denebola. We've seen Omaha struggle with big play WR's and I see this as more of the same.

Smith- I have faith in the Omaha defense.

DB- well stats mean a lot more than faith smith. Alright, Liam glad to see you made your way back in here. Who's next?

Phoenix Fighters @ Portland Cougars

Liam- Next up we got 2 teams on a bit of a losing skid with the Phoenix Fighters take on the Portland Cougars for our next game.

DB- We'll this seems to be a matchup of teams that started off hot, but have now been going through tuff times. For Phoenix, their offense hasn't been getting the job done. While for Portland, the defense has been less than superb.

Liam- Yes and Phoenix is still missing star running back Jaron Olawusi for a couple more weeks. Pair that with the recent departure of WR Thomas St Pierre and there really isn't a whole lot for Jermaine Andrews, who has struggled so far, to work with.

DB- Yeah, I expect a sloppy football game out of Phoenix. Too many holes on an already struggling defense. Portland regains some of that lost mojo, beating the fighters 17-13. My player to watch is Chris Dixon. He is by far the lifeline of this Portland offense and is the best Halfback in the league right now.

Liam -Ill take the Cougars as well 27-20 but Safety Abdul Hodge could be a game changer if he can house a pick in this game. He already has 5 on the year. If Phoenix is going to have a fighting chance this defense needs to step up big.

DB- Yeah, This Phoenix offense has to let the defense breath on the sideline. This defense is great, but when they start getting gassed it's never pretty.

Colorado Clash @ Toky Titans

Liam- Next up the Clash take on the Titans on Thursday night football. Who do you got in this one?

DB- Well both teams are coming off good wins last week.The Titans seem to be making a resurgence after losing early in the early. And they are definitely the hotter team coming into this matchup.

Liam- I have to disagree with you here. The Clash have looked dominant defensively in all but one game this year. Their wins include a dominant performance against the team you have ranked number 2 on your power rankings, the Green Bay Wolfpack. Colorado is allowing 14 points per game which is the best in the league. Their lack of a great run game is concerning but this team has played very smart and do not turn the ball over.

DB- Hold on Liam, let's forget how this clash team got dominated by the Falcons in their loss. Outside of the Marshalls, this squad has no road wins. And you know as well as I do, that the Japanese love their Titans, I have yet to see a Titans game that hasn't sold out the stands. I think this home crowd will be too much for the Clash and the Titans to get a statement win as they climb back into the playoff hunt, 28-24. My guy to watch will be Cade Smith. He may not light up the stat sheet like other backs, but this guy knows how to tote that rock.

Liam- The Titans can't beat them the same way the Falcons did not to mention the Titans are 0-3 against teams with a winning record this season. My guy to watch is DT Jeffery Cornett. This Titan offense runs through Cade Smith. If Cornett can make his presence felt on the interior it's going to be a long day. I expect an excellent defensive performance from the guys from Mile High, Clash win 17-13.

DB- Yeah alright Liam, we will see about that. Next matchup is Rapid City @ Tri Cities

Rapid City Falcons @ Tri-Cities Fever

Liam-Rapid City started slow but are heating up somehow despite the fire sale new owner Zac Holdorf is having. Their last 2 games have been great performances both offensive and defensive beating the then undefeated Clash and then the Phoenix Fighters both by double digits. Tri-Cities is coming off their first win of the season, a shocking 33-25 upset of the Vegas Gamblers. What do you see as the keys in this game?

DB- Since Zac has stopped his fire sale, I can no longer cue the tank bowl gif. But in all seriousness, I think this matchup falls on RC's offense vs TC's defense. The Tri Cities defense have had only 1 great game so far this season. They have a tall task ahead of them in stopping sure fire future Hall of Famer, Hugo Zachary. I think this game comes down to if TC can get those crucial sacks and interceptions. It definitely won't be easy as Zach is huge and extremely smart in his throws.

Liam- Agreed. And with how RCs defense has stepped up as of late I dont think the Fever can recapture their magic from last week. Give me the Falcons 35-13. Keep an eye on HB Joel Woods III. He looked good against the Fighters and if he can keep it up this team could have a very scary 2 pronged attack.

DB- I gotta go with Rapid City as well. I think Tri Cities have used up all their magic for this season and won't be able to stop Hugo Zachary, who is my player to watch in this game. Rapid City 34-13.

Green Bay Wolfpack @ Vegas Gamblers

DB- Last game on the list, we have Green Bay going on the road to take on Vegas.

Liam- These 2 teams have had very different paths to this point. The Wolfpack got shown up week one but ever since they've gotten better and better each week. Vegas on the other hand started very strong but now is on a 2 game losing streak coming off an shocking defeat at the hands of the then winless Fever. The scary thing for Gambler fans is that it was the defense that got shown up versus Tri-Cities and that was their strong point coming into that game.

DB- Yeah with playbooks being locked, The future doesn't look very bright for Vegas faithful. This team let Daniel Bryan have a career game on them. Now they face MVP frontrunner Nathan Peterman Jr, this I repeat will not be a pretty game for the home crowd.

Liam- Key for the Wolfpack is the O Line. They've given up 25 sacks through just 5 weeks. Now they have to face Isaiah Fowler and his 7.5 sacks this season. With how much they throw, protection needs to hold up. That being said Wolfpack win this one 49-20

DB-I don't know Liam, I think that if Isiah even has a good game, it won't be enough to stop the Wolfpack who attack teams heavily through the air.

Liam- mean I don't think so either but I might be a little biased.

DB- Yeah I got the Wolfpack as well. I think this offensive firepower Green Bay has will be too much for Vegas this game. 31-14 and my guy to watch will be Nathan Peterman Junior, of course. I expect another great game out of him.

Well that's all the time we have. catch us next with next week's predictions. And until then, keep on kicking it.

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