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Kicking it with DB and Liam: Week 9 Power Rankings

Disclaimer: Kicking it with DB and Liam is purely for enjoyment. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, inciting rage and riots, and questionable moves made by teams and the league.

Yeah just ignore that right there. Had to put it up after we got calls to the office after last time. With that being said, It’ll just be me, ya boy DB, kicking it with these power rankings for this week.

Green Bay

Well, well look who is back on the top again. After shaking the monkey on their back, known as Colorado, this team has climbed up to the top spot. However, there is a shark in the water and his name is Hugo Zachary of Rapid City.


That Flint game may have been closer than expected, but they still got the win. As of right now, their vice grip on the top seed and 1st in the North has gotten even tighter.

New Orleans

I'm hesitant to put them higher. By all accounts, last night's game should've been a blowout after Spencer went down. However, the Voodoo couldn't do much with the extra possessions from Koehler's play. But with Charleston losing, they look to take the number 2 seed in the playoffs.

Rapid City

Holy Moly! A league best 5 game streak. Hugo Zachary looks pissed off and is tearing apart every defense insight. If I'm the wolfpack, I'm terrified of this team.


Close game, like frighteningly close. This team is neck and neck with the Vipers for 1st in the West division. If I'm a die hard Gamblers fan, I'm cheering for the Reapers this week.

Salt Lake City

What an exciting end to the game. This squad knows how to give their fanbase a heart attack


Round of applause to this Tribe defense for not laying down after Jamie went down. In steps playoff veteran QB, Christian Polanco. He's a big unknown but if Mac's playbook can make a generic look decent, expect the hardy vet to do his best


Well it was only a matter of time before they lost again. Thankfully, theur 1 of only 4 teams that can clinch a playoff spot with a win next week.


Youch! This team is starting to fade away fast without an owner in the booth.


They've rebounded in a big way to get back to .500. However, the road ahead doesn't get any easier.


Wrong place, wrong time. This team was at the mercy of pissed off hugo Zachary, One thing is clear, this team can't lose 2 more games.


May not have been the defense they were hoping for, but they escape the shootout with a win. However with Cap Rooney being released, it'll be interesting to see how this offense fairs. It all falls on the shoulder of DeAndre Washington, who hasn't played since season 4, to lead this team to the postseason.

New York

A good win in the snow and this team is trying to scratch and claw its way back into the playoff race. And in the wide open North, it very well could happen.


Damn! Back to back upsets. Both games at home, this team has looked like their two time champion selves again. I know I'm finna get heat for this, but who below them can legitimately beat them?


They played the Ghosts closer than expected. And with Shann Varner getting to implement his system for next week, this team very easily turns things around.

16. Portland

I tried to throw this team bone. However outside of the cupcake Tri-Cities, this team has been dead in the water since starting off strong this season.

17. New Haven

Letting Toronto hang 41 points on you is never a recipe for success. With their DC being fired, I don't see the defense getting any better.

18. Tokyo

This team is now on the chopping black for sure now. This team has to win out and pray for a miracle if they want to make the postseason.

19. Phoenix

I know this team may have lost, but the future looks bright for the Fighters. With a new full staff, expect this team to not be a cupcake for any of the other squads trying to make a playoff.

20. Tri-Cities

Well, there is always the Toilet Bowl, though they may not beat Phoenix.

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