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Kicking it with DB and Liam: Week 8 predictions ft. Zac HOLLDORF

Hello there all you cool cats and kittens. It's ya boy, DB, kicking it with Rapid City Owner Zac Holldorf we finna get you some week 8 predictions.

Chicago @ Flint

Zac- I think this will be a good game but honestly Chicago will come out on top.Flint has shown flashes of being a good team. Chicago is way too strong. Claude Owens is my player to watch. If he can get rolling Chicago will be hard to stop.

DB- Yeah I gotta agree with you on this one Zac. I think if Shann varner was able to tweak the playbooks for Flint, I think we'd be talking about a different game. Even though this is a must win for a Flint squad who desperately needs a marquee win, I think Claude Owens gets the job done and leads his team to another win.

Tri-Cities @ New York

Zac- Both teams have struggled this season, first Tri-Cities losing their owner and not being able to do much, and New York has had some bad luck. But I believe New York is the stronger team here and should be able to sneak out a win here.My player to watch will be Curt McDuffie, he needs to be able to stop the pass game for the Grizzlies against the Fever.

DB- I agree. However, New York has been seeing some success as of late thanks to the duo of Jared Willis and Buchanan Simons at the WR spots. New York is for sure the better squad. And looking at this Tri-Cities secondary, I don't see a single player that can stop Willis or Simons. Gimme the Grizzlies with a statement win over the fever to show they are playoff worthy, 35-21. Expect a HUGE game from the duo of Simons and Willis.

New Haven @ Toronto

Zac- This game looks pretty even on paper, but I don't think it will be. New Haven has already beaten Toronto once this year, so I think they have a good shot at doing it again. But on the other hand the games they have been playing (even in losses) are close ones.

Toronto on the other hand just lost its previous game to a previously winless team in Jackson, so I think they have the pieces to turn it around but they can't seem to stay consistent. My player to watch in this game will be none other than the HB from Toronto Jack Micro. He has been on and off the roster this year, and I think it's time for him to have a big game in order for Toronto to stay alive in the playoff picture. I have Toronto winning this game being a nail biter 27-24.

DB- Yeah both these teams look pretty even on paper and both teams need this win to keep from falling down with the Grizzlies. Toronto is coming off a bad defeat to the crabs as you've said. While the Lancers are coming off a close bout with Miami. However one glaring spot in this Lancer squad is that they have no star level running backs. Ik this Toronto front 7 isn't the greatest but if they can play fundamental defense they should walk out of this with a win. My guy to watch is Jack Rooney. One the top picks, Rooney hasn't been great compared to others in his class. But he can avoid the carless turnovers and bad sacks, and Toronto should rebound this game.

Charleston @ Jackson

DB- Charleston is coming off a near upset at home vs the Grizzlies. Meanwhile, the Crabs just got done dominating the Reapers for their first win. Considering how this game is in Jackson this time, expect the Crabs to put up one hell of a fight. However, I don't see a defensive back that can stop OPOY candidate, Roger Howard. I got Charleston avoiding another near upset, led by Roger Howard.

Zac- Where do I begin with Charleston? They are a complete hot mess, no good QB or WR. The defense is worse then the high school team defense I was on....LMAO. But no honestly Charleston is (I believe) the team to beat for the championship. They are a very well put together team. Lots of weapons, and skill players to compliment the star players. I have to say I see the Swamp Foxes winning this one rather easily over the 1 win Jackson Crabs. My player to watch will be none other than the OPOY in Roger Howard as you just stated. I will give Charleston the final score of 41-24.

Memphis @ New Orleans

Zac- Memphis I think is in the top 5 of teams right now thanks to some stellar play from Jamie Spencer, their Bronze level star QB. Everyone had doubts on them for having a bronze QB but it has paid off very nicely for them. The Voodoo of New Orleans have a very strong team as well. Lots of talent. This is a possible Atlantic Conference matchup in my eyes. The down side to this matchup is that the Tribe have lost once already to this Voodoo team way back in week 1, and just narrowly escaped a near loss last week to Flint.My player to watch is none other than the QB from the Tribe Spencer. He needs to really be on his best game in order for Memphis to have any chance of winning this game.I have Memphis winning this game 24-21.

DB- Both of these teams are looking to keep pace with Charleston in the division right now. This is the 3rd matchup between these two since New Orleans moved and then it became the Mississippi River War. And just like the last one, I expect a close defensive matchup. I gotta go with the Voodoo, led by HB Omar Diamond II. This team has way more to lose in this matchup as this team to a beating from Miami earlier in the year.

Colorado @ Green Bay

Zac- This game should be a great game to watch. Colorado is playing without its owner and head coach. Green Bay has been a team on a mission this year. Both teams need to win this game to keep pacing the Pacific Central Division. It will be a defensive battle for sure, as both teams have some great star players on both sides of the ball. In the end I think not having your owner and HC will be the nail in the coffin for the Clash this year. I have the player to watch as the entire Clash team. I mean not one player is gonna stand out in the wake of no owner or HC. I have Green Bay winning this one easily 31-14.

DB- Yeah, Honestly this game is green Bay's to lose. We are already seeing the effect of Colorado's owner leaving and it doesn't look pretty. The clash is tasked to stop one of the top offenses in the league, led by MVP Frontrunner Nathan Peterman Junior. I expect an embarrassing loss for the Clash as they fail to stop NPJ.

Miami @ Phoenix

Zac- All i want to say about this game is Miami will win and with no problem. Phoenix is a hot mess, and when i mean a hot mess i mean the building is on fire and crumbling to the ground and no one inside is surviving it. With that being said the player to watch is gonna be DT Kyle Lockhart. He already has 18.5 sacks on the season and I have a gut feeling he will surpass the 20 in this game. I scored this game Miami 42, Phoenix 14. #FreeAbdulFromPhoenix.

DB- Yeah, Phoenix is a dumpster fire right now. No way the Nightmares don't come out with a comfortable win. My guy to watch is Hollywood Mason. Mason was a top pick at CB last draft but has been quite so far this year. Expect him to pick it up as the Nightmares push for a playoff spot.

Omaha @ Rapid City

Zac- Another good game on tap this week. What more can I say about Rapid City. 4 wins in a row, Hugo is playing like the 2 time MVP he is, and the defense has been top notch. Ik most everyone says im being biased because i'm the owner of the Falcons, but that would not be fair. Omaha has played some good football this year, and I think this will be a rather close game. My player to watch this game is gonna be none other than Joel Woods III the rb from Rapid City. He needs to have a huge game in order for the Falcons to continue winning. I have a gut feeling Rapid City might lose this game, but i'm not quite sure. I'm gonna say Rapid City 24-21.

DB- This matchup is between two different teams. The Falcons are red hot riding a 4 game winning streak. On the other hand, the Marshalls have looked more like pretenders than contenders in the ever so fearsome Central Division, Honestly I gotta go with the hotter team here. I think Hugo Zachary will be too much for this Omaha defense to contain.

Salt Lake City @ Portland

Zac- This is a tale of 2 teams with different objectives. Portland is trying anything it can to sneak into the playoffs, Salt Lake is most likely headed to the playoffs. SLC is having a better season record wise and I think they will come away with the win this week. Player to watch is HB Zach Lott of SLC. SLC with the win 37-21.

DB- I agree with you Zac. Portland has to pull out all the bells and whistles if they don't wanna miss the playoffs. Unfortunately, Salt lake has turned into a monster over in the Mormon State. If Zach Lott can break out, this team will be very scary this season. I do think it'll be close, but I just don't see how SLC loses this one. My guy to watch is Leroy Lucas Grant. He is by far the most underrated QB in the league even though he's putting up numbers to be a 1st ballot Pro Bowler.

Tokyo @ Portland

Zac- This game is an easy one. Vegas is at the top, while Tokyo is near the bottom. 2 different teams. I mean they did play each other in week 1 and it was a 3 point loss for Tokyo. Vegas has too much talent to lose this game. I think Tokyo needs to start looking next year. Players to watch will be the 2 WR for Vegas. They are hard to stop and will have a big game. Vegas with the win 27-14

DB- This Tokyo team has been disappointing in a division that they were projected to win in the preseason. Vegas looks to win the division very soon and look for a top seed in the playoffs. Honestly, I think the Tokyo staff need some fresh blood to breathe life into this team's game plan. I got Richmond Webb getting Vegas a win vs Tokyo's weak LB core.

Well that’s all the time we have for now boys and gals. Until next time, keep kicking it.

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