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Kicking It with DB and Liam: Week 11 Predictions and Power Rankings

Kicking It with DB and Liam

Week 11 Predictions and Power Rankings

Disclaimer: “Kicking It with DB and Liam” is for enjoyment purposes only. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, riots and inciting rage, and questionable decisions made by owners or league staff.

Hola, mi amigos. It’s your boy, DB, kicking it by myself once again as i deliver you some Power Rankings and Predictions for the week. And without wasting too much time, let’s get right into it.

  1. Green Bay- Well, well, well. A surprise to no one, GB is still on top after clinching the first seed in the pacific conference.

  2. New Orleans- This game may have been tight, but granted it was against a rival on the road. Also with Charleston’s loss, they may have clinched first in the Atlantic.

  3. Salt Lake City- Pretty sure a shootout wasn’t what the doctor ordered. However, after Vegas’s loss, they may very well have clinched the second seed in the Pacific.

  4. Miami- What a marque win for this Miami squad. The question is how will they fair in these last two weeks?

  5. Chicago- Good game, Although, y'all might wanna start sweating as New Haven holds the series sweep against y’all. Last thing this team needs is to be on the road the entire playoffs.

  6. Rapid City- This team took a hard tumble after losing a key matchup vs Green Bay. They have to win out to avoid Colorado jumping over them.

  7. Memphis- Looks like their QB woes are temporarily over as Malachi Jackson had a monster game in the rain. The one issue is the interceptions.

  8. Portland- Guess who decided to crawl out of bed and play some ball. They may only get a low seed, but they can cause some chaos in the pacifci playoff picture.

  9. Charleston- Even though they were on the road, they should've won that Miami game. Thanks to that fumble,they lookin at a fourth or fifth seed.

  10. Colorado- Meh. They beat a rebuilding Phoenix team. Not much to say here.

  11. Vegas- Lord have mercy! What happened here? You let a defeated Portland team drop 55 on yall?! That’s approaching basketball numbers. C'mon man!

  12. New Haven- They outlasted Tokyo, simple as that. This team desperately needs Chicago to lose out if they don’t wanna be a bottom seed.

  13. Toronto- Congrats on eliminating Flint. Here’s your reward, a slight chance at a nightmarish road to the playoffs.

  14. New York- Things may have looked bright, but in the end this team is eliminated,

  15. Omaha- They may not technically be dead, but let’s be honest, they are. It’d take a herculean feat of strength to leapfrog Portland or Colorado.

  16. Flint- Congratulations, to despite hiring an offensive guru, you will stind find yourselves sitting on the couch come playoff season.

  17. Jackson- They played New Orleans close. However just like Memphis, New Orleans escapes the hell known as Jackson,MS with a win.

  18. Tokyo- I guess I will move them up higher for being competitive.

  19. Phoenix- It looks about time to start game planning against Tri-Cities for the Toilet Bowl.

  20. Tri-Cities- 2 more games till this team packs up and is gone with the wind. Predictions


In a pivotal game, Chicago hosts Toronto in a North division matchup. Chicago needs this win to avoid swapping places with New Haven in the playoff race. Meanwhile, Toronto is on the outside looking in when it comes to this postseason. Ultimately, I believe Logan doesn’t allow another loss at home and beat the Reapers. This is another game to watch out for Claude Owens. Expect him to abuse this less than stellar front seven.


Staying in the midwest, we have Portland taking on Fint. I’m gonna go ahead and say this. This game is Portland’s to lose. They are the hotter team and the most in need of this win. I expect Chris Dixon to hit the century mark for this game.

New York@ New Haven

Moving out to the Atlantic Coast, we have the battle of brothers between New York and New Haven. This should be a good game. New Haven is looking to swap with Chicago for the second seed. Meanwhile, New York is looking to cause some chaos in the playoff picture now that they have been eliminated themselves. With this matchup, I am going with New Haven. I think their receiving core, especially JFitz, will be too much for this New York defense.

New orleans@Charleston

Moving south down the Eastern Seaboard, the Swamp Foxes host the Voodoo. The Voodoo may have already clinched first, but they can’t afford to look weak heading into their first round bye. Charleston is trying to hold off Miami and Charleston from taking second division and the third seed in the playoffs. I’ll take the Voodoo in this match. I expect Omar Diamond to run all over this poor Charleston Defense.


And from the East Coast to the Mississippi River, The Miami Nightmares take on the Memphis Tribe. Last game between these two was a defensive slugfest. But I’m calling it now, this game will be much higher scoring. However with the nonexistence of Miami’s star offensive line, and the fact that Memphis is coming off a nine sack game, I’m giving the slight edge to memphis. My guy to watch is Malachi Jackson II. He had a baller game last week and if he can cut out the turnovers,watch out.

Rapid City@Colorado

Taking it way out west in the Rockies, the Clash host the Falcons in a key Central division game. RC is coming off two hard losses to top teams. Meanwhile, Colorado has had two pretty easy wins. This game is too important for RC to lose. I’m going with them in the game. I’m just not sure how will Colorado hold up vs these other playoff contenders down the stretch. My guy to watch is big Hugo Zachary.

Jackson@Green Bay

Bouncing back to the midwest, top-seeded Green Bay host Jackson in one of the few out of division games left. By all means, Green Bay should win this pretty handily. However, don’t expect Akaji and co. to lie down so easily. This game should be stellar for MVP candidate Nathan Peterman Junior.


Out on the prairie, the Marshalls try to hold on in the playoff hunt against the Fighters. There’s no denying that this is an elimination game for Omaha. Unfortunately for them, it comes against a team that I believe has a better gameplan than them. Add that to the fact they allowed nine sacks, and it spells doom for this team’s postseason dreams. Look for Abdul Hodge to further build his resume for the pro Bowl.

Vegas@Salt lake City

In the Mormon state, the Vipers host the Gamblers. The Gamblers are coming off an embarrassing loss to Portland and the Vipers survive a shootout with Tri-Cities. The winner of this game is almost guaranteed the second seed and a first round bye. Expect sparks to fly as SLC secures that berth in a shootout with vegas. Thus will be a huge game for Leroy Lucas-Grant.


You smell that? It’s a Tank Booooooooooooowl. You may be asking, what does the inner of this game get? Toy you my imaginary reader, they get absolutely nothing. If anything, they fuck themselves out of a Toilet Bowl bid. The lucky loser of this game gets a date with Phoenix in the fight for the first overall pick. There is no player to watch. Just be prepared for some sloppy football, I guess.

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