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Kicking it with DB and Liam: Turkey Week Predictions Ft. Logan

Disclaimer: Kicking it with DB and Liam is purely for enjoyment. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, inciting rage and riots, and questionable moves made by teams and the league.

Feliz día de acción de gracias temprano. It’s ya boy, DB kicking it with a fellow owner. Today we have Logan the Co-Commissioner and owner of the Chicago Ghosts. And we're gonna deliver you some turkey week predictions.

New Haven @ Chicago

DB- First up on the sheet, we have the New Haven Lancers traveling to the windy city to take on the Chicago Ghosts. Yeah, this game without a doubt is Chi-town's to lose. This New Haven run game has been abysmal since trading Blanchard. Forrest Dalton has fallen off a cliff by all standards since setting foot in Connecticut. And with how good this Chicago secondary has been, I doubt JFitz will be able to carry the offense to a victory. Give me the Ghosts 35-21. My guy to watch is Claude Owens. If he can get big chunk plays and first downs, expect this offense to be able to throw it over the top of these mediocre New Haven Corners and Safeties.

Flint @ New York

DB- Next up, we stay in the division as the Flint Firebirds, under new Coach Shann Varner, go on the road to take on the Grizzlies of the Big Apple. Fellas, your thoughts?

Logan- The Grizzlies are coming off a win over the Tri-Cities Fever and they're wanting to build momentum in hopes of climbing into a wild card spot in the Atlantic Conference. Malcom Middlebrooks has 2193 yards passing on the year 5th in the WFA and he tries to spread it around to his wideouts but this week he's coming up against a Flint defense that is averaging 25 points against this season and the league leading interception getter in the league, Deon Ramsey. Grizzlies' playoff hopes take a big hit this week and RB Reed West runs for over 100 yards. 28-3 Firebirds

DB- This game is important to both teams involved. New York needs to win to climb out the bottom and back into the playoff race. Flint, on the other hand, needs this win to keep pace with the Toronto Reapers, who have a hard matchup this week against Rapid City. And Logan, you say they have the leader in tfl's for linebackers this year in Javon Payne, who is my player to watch in this game. If Javon Payne can prevent this New York team from running on the goalline and in the red zone, I think the Firebirds take this win home, 28-17.

Vegas @ Toronto

DB- Speaking of Toronto. They welcome in the hot Vegas Gamblers squad, headed by Vincent Morris. How we feeling about this game guys?

Logan- This is one of the more intriguing games this week. Playbooks are open for adjustments and Toronto is coming in this week with a new signal-caller after releasing "Cap" Rooney. Look for Jack Micro to have another good game for the Reapers, but I don't think it will be enough to beat a Vegas Gamblers team led by a defense that averages less than 20 points against per game. Vincent Morris gets over 2000 yards through the air on the season and leads Vegas to a close victory 21-14

DB- This seems like a very interesting matchup. Vegas is heading in as the favorite to win the West division while Toronto just got the 2nd spot in the North with a win to put them back at .500. I'm going to keep it short. Vegas looks like the better team on both sides of the ball. It also doesn't help when you have a complete unknown in DeAndre Washington and new Head Coach, Jean Valentine. I have the Gamblers winning this pretty handedly 35-14. My player to watch is quarterback Vincent Morris. He has been balling for this expansion squad and is top ten in quite a few passing stats.

Memphis @ Charleston

DB- On to the next matchup, we have the Game of the Week as the Memphis Tribe continue their road trip to Charleston, South Carolina to face the Swamp Foxes.

Logan- Biggest game of the year for both these teams. Memphis can complete the season sweep of Charleston and that would be HUGE for the Tribe to clinch the Atlantic South Division and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Both teams are coming off of losses but neither loss is as big as Memphis QB Jaimie Spencer's season coming to an end with a broken arm last week. Christian Polanco isn't enough and Art Vandelay lead the Swamp Foxes to victory 28-10

DB- Not so fast my friend. You're telling me a team that has only lost by a total of 20 points in all 3 of their loses is going to get beat by 18? No way, this top of the league defense will not allow such a loss. I agree with you on Polanco not being better than Vandelay. But here is something, he doesn't have to be. We've seen these receivers break tackles for huge games time in and time out. He just has to play smart football and let the defense do their job. I think if this becomes a shootout, it'd be to Charleston's favor. Unfortunately, I don't see it going it that way. This will be a game of the year candidate as I have the Tribe taking it in OT 34-18. Polanco has to be able to keep this offense driving if the Tribe are to have a shot.

Jackson @ Miami

DB- Moving down the East Coast, we have the Miami Nightmares hosting the Jackson Crabs.

Logan- Miami is in a dangerous situation this week taking on a team that appears to be building momentum and looking to play spoiler in the last four weeks of the season. I don't think the Jackson Crabs continue their winning streak and the Nightmares stop their skid. Behind Brad Sorenson and a season best game through the air the Nightmares win 35-10

DB- Honestly, if Jackson was still at home for this game, I'd take 'em by a landslide. This home crowd for the Crabs really knows how to become the dreaded 12th man many teams fear. Alas, they aren't and they are heading to South Beach. I see Miami getting one out in a defensive match, 14-7. My guy to watch is Defensive Player of the Year candidate defensive tackle, Kyle Lockhart. This guy leads the league in both TFL's and sacks on the season and I expect him to cause havoc on Matthews and Co.

Omaha @ Colorado

DB- Moving way out west, We have Omaha going to Mile High Denver to take on the Clash.

Logan- These two teams are going to be battling for one of the last two spots in the playoffs and this game will have major implications in that battle. It's extremely difficult for me to choose because these teams are so similar, but I'm forced to choose Omaha to win but only because they have an active coaching staff and Colorado's operations have been assumed by the WFA League Office and there won't be a gameplan adjustment. Close game 12-6 Marshalls.

DB- Yeah, these are very similar teams. However, Colorado is clearly fading without a Coach or an Owner to put in game plans. I say the Marshalls get back over the .500 mark, 21-14. My guy to watch is Rasheed Davis.

Green Bay @ Phoenix

DB- Moving a little further south we have the Phoenix Fighters hosting the conference leading Green Bay Wolfpack.

Logan- Green Bay and Phoenix is going to be a lopsided affair. Nathan Peterman, Jr. continues to add to his MVP resume and puts up some big-time single game numbers. I expect Peterman to throw for over 350 yards and put up a 50-burger.

DB- This phoenix game could be a huge trap game for a Wolfpack team looking to move on to their last stretch of key division games. With the addition of a new full and active staff, I don't expect this team to be the pushovers they were for most of the season. I think this game will be way closer than what you'll think will be. I still have the Pack though, 28-21. My guy to watch is of course MVP frontrunner, Nathan Peterman Junior.

Rapid City @ New Orleans

DB- Moving on, We have one of the best matchups of the week in Rapid City at New Orleans.

Logan- We've seen Rapid City have a resurgence under new owner Zac Holldorf running off five straight wins including a 30-19 victory over Omaha last week but I don't think they make it six in a row. The Falcons don't have enough talent in the secondary to compete with New Orleans' wideouts. If the Voodoo can protect a QB that has been sacked 25 times this season, expect Lesnar to connect with Kevin Vance and MJ Thomas with several big plays throughout this one and to take the win 28-14.

DB- The Falcons are red hot under owner Zac Holldorf. This offense has been crushing and shredding every opposing defense in site during the run. The Voodoo escaped with a win over the Tribe after Jamie Spencer went down. If I'm betting on this game, I'm wondering why couldn't this Voodoo offense capitalize on the extra possessions given to them and allowed the Tribe, with a generic QB, to stay in the game. I have the Falcons overwhelming the Voodoo defense, 38-24. My guy to watch is Hugo Zachary. This man is playing pissed and kicking tail wherever he goes. I expect this to be a another game he adds to his Hall of Fame resume.

Tokyo @ Salt Lake City

DB- Moving up the Rockies again, we have the Vipers hosting the far east Titans.

Logan- The Vipers are within striking distance of the top seed in the Pacific West and they need to get a win here against a sneaky Tokyo Titans team. Salt Lake City with the recently acquired Jake Lott and Tokyo's Cade Smith are both going to have big games on the ground here, we could see these backs combine for an insane amount of yards. Tokyo squeaks out a win 10-7

DB- Logan, we must have two very different ideas of what a sneaky team is. This Tokyo squad only has 2 wins in those atrocious Oregon ducks rip-offs and is one game away from being eliminated. Looking at their roster, I don't see a DB that can cover these Vipers receivers. I have the Vipers eliminating the Titans, 21-14. My guy to watch is Tight End turned full time Wide Receiver, Essex Denebola. He's gonna be a huge matchup problem for this Tokyo defense.

Tri-Cities @ Portland

DB- Moving out to Cascadia, Tri-Cities takes on Portland.

Logan- Portland is going to throttle the Tri-Cities Fever behind a big-time performance by MVP and Comeback Player of the Year Candidate, Chris Dixon. I expect Portland to win 35-6 and Dixon is going to take back his position as the league's leading rusher - in fact, I believe at the end of the season we're going to look back at this game and say this is where Dixon put enough ground between him and Akaji Adebowale/Claude Dixon.

DB- Now for this game, we have two rather disappointing teams. Portland has fallen to .500 after starting off hot and Tri-Cities has looked flat throughout the year. I wholeheartedly believe this game will have a lesser amount of viewership compared to these other high profile games. This is tuff but I got the Fever with an upset, 10-3. My guy to watch is ILB Jay Rivers, who has been one of the few bright spots on this team.

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