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Kicking it with DB and Liam: Taking a Look at History

He Don it!The Hat trick! 3 articles in one day, baby. Beat y'all weren’t that mofos, eat it. Can y’all tell i'm ready to go home? Anyways, with Liam still away fighting demons or whatever tf he does when he’s not in a booth or coaching, I will be taking a look at each Franchise and how they evolved through the years.

Jackson Crabs- Being one the few teams to never relocate, we have the Jackson Crabs, who were a founding member of the NGFL in their first season. This team resides in one of the smaller cities to host a WFA squad, Jackson Mississippi. They’ve been a very good franchise over the seasons and hold the most championships at two.

New York Grizzlies- Another founding member to never relocate, We have the New York Grizzlies. They play in ,of course, New York City, New York and have been a stalwart playoff team in the recent seasons. However, this team will be on the move this offseason. They'll Sailing down the east coast and will be setting up shop in Cape Charles as the Pirates.

Green Bay Wolfpack- A founding member, the Wolfpack have never left the Green Bay faithful. This team started off as bottom dwellers and now have become a perennial playoff.

Rapid City Falcons- And finally the last founding member to relocate as of yet, we have the Rapid City Falcons. The Falcons call Rapid City, South Dakota home. Another team sett move and rebrand the Falcons ,to put it frankly, have not been very successful. Hopefully, they can make the playoffs as a farewell token to the Rapid City faithful.

New Haven Lancers- A founding member, the New Haven Lancer were once called New York home. They have been an average franchise, with their best run being in the NGFL’s inaugural season. They look to be making a comeback as of late, racing behind Chicago and Flint for 1st in their division.

Tokyo Titans- A founding member that has moved around a few times, the Titans of the Far East used to call plain ole Wichita, Kansas home. Back in those days, they were known as the Wichita Pride and… They were pretty mediocre. The team would pack their bags and move out to the Pacific west and call Yakitama, Washington home as the Yetis. After some up and down seasons there, they packed up their bags again. This time deciding to switch countries and landing in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. So far, only time can tell if they’ll have success there.

Salt Lake City Vipers- A founding member with a way more complex history spanning multiple cities and owners, The Vipers of the Mormon state were situated in the Hooiser state, good Indianapolis, Indiana. Known as the cyclones, the team was pretty bad and then sold to Abdul. Abdul moved the team down to Oklahoma City and named them the Lightning, where they didn’t do too much better. After the tragic passing of NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant, the team moved out to sunny Los Angeles and renamed the Mambas, fittingly. Not receiving much success and the owner giving up the franchise, the team was transferred over to Ross Napoli, where he moved and renamed the squad the Salt Lake City Vipers. Hopefully now, they’ll be able to find success.

New Orleans Voodoo- Last but not least, we have the New Orleans Voodoo. Known as the Richmond Renegades in their founding season, they went on to win the first inaugural Gen Bowl. A season or two later they would move north to the steel city of Pittsburgh and become the steel. After making the playoffs while in Pittsburgh, they packed their bags one more time for the city of jazz, New Orleans where they reside today.

Omaha Marshalls- Moving on to the season 2 expansion squads, we have one of the only two to not relocate or re brand in the Omaha Marshalls. The Marshalls, to despise never moving, have yet to find any success in the Lincoln state. Hopefully that’ll change as right now they are in the running for first in the Central division.

Flint Firebirds- The other S2 expansion squad to never, we have the Flint Firebirds of Michigan. Much like the Marshalls, they've yet to produce a successful season since inception. And just like the Marshalls, they seem to be turning things around this season.

Memphis Tribe- Another season 2 expansion team, and arguably the more successful one of the bunch, we have the Memphis Tribe. The Tribe were once known as the Honolulu Wyverns in season 2 and 3, back then the only team not in the midwest or northeast. This team was pretty successful in the Lu before it was moved to Memphis. Now in 901, the tribe looks to make the playoffs for the 3rd straight season now.

Phoenix Fighters- One of the weirder team histories, the fighter started off as the original Chicago Ghosts. However after making the playoffs their first season, they were sold to Aiden, who rebranded the team as the Sioux Falls Spirits. Not obtaining any success there, they moved to Phoenix and became the Fighters, where they have been locked in constant rebuild.

Toronto Reapers- The Reapers started as the Houston Toros as a season 3 expansion team. After constantly being in Toilet Bowl talks, the owner disappeared and the team was transferred to Tom Riddle. He would then move it to Toronto where they stand today as the Reapers.

Miami Nightmares- The other season 3 expansion squad, the team was founded as the Carolina Cavalry. Unfortunately, the owner got cold feet before the season and the team never played a down in the league. And heck we never got to see uniforms or logos out of this franchise. The team was then snagged up and moved to South Beach Miami, now known as the Nightmares

Chicago Ghosts- Now we move on to the real Chicago Ghosts, who rejoined the league after Logan came back as an owner. This team picked up right where it left off in its then lone season in the league by winning the championship. This team looks to continue their success as they are right now leading the North.

Portland Cougars- The other season 4 expansion squad, the Cougars were known as the Vipers and they called Oakland home. That team was abissmale posting an almost winless season, but not before their former owner stormed out of the league before the season’s conclusion. They team was then transferred to Captain Loggins and rebranded to the Portland Cougars, where they seem to be a much better franchise.

Charleston Swamp Foxes- The season 5 expansion class saw the league add 4 teams, the most since season 2. One of these squads were the Charleston Swamp Foxes. This almost suffered the same fate as the Calvary after their already controversial owner stepped down due to “personal issues”. Thankfully, Art stepped in as the owner and has turned them into one of the best teams in the league.

Tri-Cities Fever- Unlike the Foxes, this team has not been one of the best teams in the league, in fact they are in talks of Toilet Bowl competition. All this plus the owner stepping down before the end of this season, makes for a rough job for whoever stepping in for the next season.

Colorado Clash- Another successful s4 expansion squad, The Clash looked like one of the best teams in the preseason and early regular season. However, the owner still stepped down after playbook issues amidst a playoff caliber year. Regardless, it looks like a quick end to future of WFA football in Colorado.

Vegas Gamblers- The last team we'll be covering is the Vegas Gamblers. So far they’ve looked pretty successful. Hopefully unlike the last two, we won't be seeing an early departure to this Sin City Squad.

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