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Kicking it with DB and Liam Power Rankings & Predictions: Week 10 editions

Disclaimer: Kicking it with DB and Liam is for pure enjoyment. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, inciting rage and riots, and questionable moves made by teams and the league.

Qu’est-ce qui est bien mes gars et mes filles. It’s ya boy, DB, coming with you with ten extra pounds of thanksgiving weight and of course, this week’s power rankings.

  1. Green Bay- It may have been close, but the Pack escaped with a win in Phoenix. And for their efforts, they secure a playoff berth.

  2. New Orleans- Another team that clinched in a tight game, New Orleans is looking to take the top seed.

  3. Salt lake City- The race between them and Vegas is frighteningly close. Look for this squad to try and finish perfect to edge out Vegas for a top seed.

  4. Vegas- They may have already clinched a spot, but they can’t slip up and lose the top seed to SLC.

  5. Rapid City- This team has to quickly recover from this loss with two road games in Green Bay and Colorado.

  6. Charleston- This offense seems to have returned to form. Now, they gotta get the top seed back from New Orleans.

  7. Chicago- Fool me once, shame on you. Shame on me, shame on me. This squad just got swept by the Lancers for the season and must get things back on track.

  8. Miami- Jackson, may not be a team you wanna get into a shootout with, but the South Beach boys got it done at home.

  9. Colorado- Honestly, I don’t know if Colorado is still just that good or Omaha is just that bad.

  10. Memphis- Memphis Quarterback woes continue as they take a bad loss to Charleston in the rain/ Fortunately for them, their schedule ends favorably.

  11. Portland- Portland recovered against a weak tri-Cities team. However with SLC and Vegas so far ahead, Portland may have to settle for a fifth or sixth seed.

  12. New Haven- Congrats to the Lancers for pulling off the sweep! This team still needs to win out to guarantee a playoff berth.

  13. New York- What a dominant win! Holding the Firebrids to only a safety was quite impressive.

  14. Toronto- The road to the playoffs doesn’t get any easier for these boys, doi it ? This team has to win out to guarantee a spot.

  15. Omaha- It’s almost as if this team doesn’t want to make the postseason. Two massive blowouts against divisional opponents in back to back weeks just ain’t gonna cut it.

  16. Flint- This team looked miserable in New York. What makes it worse was that this was the debut of their Coach’s new offensive scheme.

  17. Jackson- They may not clinch a berth, but this steam can still disrupt some teams with playoff aspirations.

  18. Phoenix- This team looks rejuvenated and put up a good fight against an elite green Bay squad.

  19. Tokyo- Well if this team wasn’t already eliminated, they sure are now. It’d be best if this team started looking towards the offseason.

  20. Tri-Cities- Um… Well at least they put up a fight at home. Hopefully, the suffering will end soon for Seattle Residents.

Week 10 Predictions

Toronto @ Flint

First matchup on the day, Toronto travels to Flint to take on the firebirds. Both teams are coming off bad losses and need this win to get a playoff berth. I think with Cap Rooney back in the offense, the reapers climb back to .500 over the struggling Firebirds. My player to watch is Cap Rooney. Now that he’s back in his rightful place as Quarterback of the Reapers, I expect this offense to look way better.

Tokyo @ New Haven

In our next matchup, the Titans of the Far east travel to New Haven, who just pulled off a huge upset. Keeping it a buck fifty, Tokyo is just playing for pride with seven losses on the season already. However, it won’t be enough to stop this New Haven offense. My guy to watch is Jefferson Fitzgerald. I expect him to torch this poor Tokyo defense.

Chicago @ New York

Not too far east, New York host the Chicago Ghosts in another North division matchup. I expect this to be a high scoring game between two elite receiving cores. I’m going to give the edge to Chuicago due to their more balanced offensive attack. If Claude Owens can get some big runs, this offense will be in prime positions to air it out over this New York secondary.

New Orleans @ Jackson

Taking it way down south, we head to everyone’s least favorite stadium to visit, Jackson, as they host New orleans. This matchup has a trap game written all over it. This will be a classic in the rivalry between Joel and Noah. However, I don’t think Freddy Tramel will be enough to stop Akaji Adebowale. I think Akaji reminds the league that he is one of the best running backs to grace the field by running over this New Orleans defense.

Charleston @ Miami

The Swamp Foxes travel on the road to face the Nightmares. This game is set to be a good one, as both squads are coming off divisional wins. I’m picking Charleston in this matchup. I think Charleston’s defense is more likely to stop Miami’s offense rather than the other way around. I expect Ronald Banks to have a big game forcing pressure on Sorenson.

Rapid City @ Green Bay

Next up, we have a potential Game of the Week matchup in Green Bay vs Rapid City. This is for sure to be a high scoring game as two of the best Quarterbacks in the league face off. This will be a battle for till the end. Just like Charleston, I think Rapid City’s defense is better than Green Bay’s. And to add to that, I think Joel Woods keeps the offense balanced enough to keep this pack defense on its toes.

Memphis @ Omaha

Out on the Prairie, Omaha plays hosts to the memphis Tribe. Both teams are on a two game losing streak. Omaha's two losses were utter blowouts from divisional opponents. Memphis's two losses was a defensive game and a rare blowout after an injury to their Quarterback. This will be a key bounce back win for whoever gets lucky in this matchup. I’m going to pick Memphis in this game, due solely to their coaching staff. Outside of the last game, the defense has been consistently good. It’s up to Alvin Bertolli to lead this secondary after a bad Charleston game.

Colorado @ Phoenix

The Mile High Minotaurs come down to the desert to play the Fighters. Just like Jackson, this is a trap game for the visiting squad. This game is a critical legitness test for the ownerless Clash. Unfortunately, I think last week's performance against Omaha was more a bad Gameplan from Omaha than Colorado being that good. Therefore, I gotta go with Phoenix in an upset. Watch out for Jevon Payne. If he can shut down Blanchard, the Fightersshould have an easier time winning.

Vegas @ Portland

Out in the Pacific Northwest, the Cougars host the Gamblers. The Gamblers have already clinched a p[layooff berth and are looking to secure a top seed over Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, I don’t see Portland being able to stop this hot squad. I’m betting Vincent Morris has another great game in this one.

Salt Lake City @ Tri-Cities

Last matchup on the list, the miserable Fever host the Vipers. I’m going to keep this short. This will be a horrific end for the Fever as they play their last time in Seattle. I expect there to be plenty of boos and trash thrown on the field as the Fever leave the field for the last time at home. For the Vipers, look for a big game for Leroy Lucas-Grant, who has been putting up Pro Bowl numbers. And to the Tri-Cities Fever, good bye and good riddance!

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