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Kicking It with DB and Liam: Award Predictions

Buenos Dias, or whatever time it might be that you`re reading this. Welcome to the first article of Kicking it with DB and Liam. We`ll be talking award predictions heading near the

halfway point in the season

Most Valuable Player

Liam-Art Vandeley- Stat line speaks for itself. Though he's a rookie he has been the best QB in the league on an expansion team. He deserves to be in this conversation.

DB-See that's where I have to disagree. I don't think a rookie of any kind should be on the ballot for MVP, but that's just me. Personally it's NPJ. He's been by far the best Vetrean Quarterback in the league. Man you say he has some bad games but for the most part he's been right behind Art in almost every category.

Offensive Player Of the Year

Liam- Roger Howard. Leads the league in TD receptions and yards by a wide margin.Also is without a drop through 5 weeks

DB-See I agree with you Liam on this one. Roger Howard has by a wide margin been the best WR in the league. It's insane how dominate He is. Even in Charleston's one loss, against Memphis, Howard accounted for 3 touchdowns through the air, with all of them coming in the 2nd half. This guy reminds a lot of Michael Thomas and I expect him to break the receiving touchdown record in a season.

Liam-Right?? Reminds me more of Hopkins then Thomas because of his downfield prowess but either way a stud in deed


DB-Honestly it's a toss up for me. Right now I'm torn between LB Javon Payne of the Flint Firebirds and S Abdul Hodge of Phoenix. Javon has been a tackling machine for Flint and by far the best in his position. Not only does this guy know how to wrap up, he can knock guys out of their shoes, with 12 TFL's. And not to be outdone, Abdul Hodge looks to be the best at his position, Liam. This guy is an absolute ball hawk with 5 INTs already. He is well on pace to break the single season INT record. And Liam if he does, expect this man to lock up DPOY.

Liam-Agreed 100. Abdul Hodge was my guy as well.Kyle Lockhart has had a good season. Tied for the lead in sacks and top 5 in TFL as well

Offensive Rookie Of the Year

Liam- ROTY is pretty obvious. But outside of Art who's your number 2?

DB- Man, Liam why you gotta make me do this?. If I had to go with a second, I gotta go with Jared Willis the WR from New York Grizzlies. This man is top 10 in receiving yards and touchdowns. I love the duo he and Buchanon Simons form up there in the Big Apple. Reminds me of Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster back a year or two ago. Expect this young man to continue the great season he's on.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Liam- Yeah I'm looking at it now, Fredy Tramel has been solid and Hugh Hugo with 4.5 sacks as well.

DB- Imma be honest with you Liam. I gotta go with Freddy`s teammate Brian Cravens. This young safety has been a stud so far this season with 3 INTs, one of which being a Pick 6.

Coach Of the Year

Liam- Well Art has his team averaging around 35 per game with is almost 10 more then the next closest. My defense has given up 2 TDs in the last 12 quarters. Your team has looked solid. And NOS look solid.

DB-I agree with you all the way. The way Art has turned an expansion team to an almost guaranteed playoff at this point is nothing but outstanding.

Liam-Agreed,for Coach of the year though the playoffs matter a lot.

Well guys, that's all we have for right now. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview from me as well as pro bowl predictions. Let's keep kicking it till next time

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