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Kickin it with DB: Season Finale Predictions and Power Rankings

Disclaimer: Kickin it with DB is for pure enjoyment purposes only. We are not responsible for hurt feelings, riots and inciting rage, and questionable moves made by owners and commissioners.

Ahora, con eso fuera del camino, entremos directamente en esta semana de tomas que envejecerán mal. Oh si, recuerda que no haré esto para los playoffs.

  1. Salt Lake City- What a great win for this squad. And with the upsets around them, they are sitting pretty on top of the WFA pecking order.

  2. Charleston- Impressive win for a squad trying to claim a first round bye and first in the South division.

  3. Chicago- An easy win in an easy division. Congrats on your first round bye.

  4. Memphis- This team looked electric versus a then top four team in Miami

  5. Portland- Not much to say besides them handling the Firebirds easily.

  6. New Orleans- I’m sure that's not how Joel had drawn up this pivotal game's outcome. Now this team has to win in order to keep their first round bye.

  7. Colorado- No owner, no problem. The Clash keep on rolling

  8. Miami- This team was at the mercy of Memphis’s wraith. Hopefully, they can quickly turn it around.

  9. Rapid City- That was a game RC couldn’t afford to lose. Fortunately for them, Omaha has been eliminated.

  10. Green Bay- That was an utter embarrassment for the Pack. That should’ve been an easy win at home, in the winter, for this top seeded squad.

  11. Jackson- Another impressive upset? Man Jackson has been a headache to many teams that dare overlook them.

  12. New York- I knew this team was gonna upset someone.

  13. Vegas- Vegas just couldn’t lose that game. And with the upsets ahead of them, this team has taken quite a tumble.

  14. New Haven- RIP to these dreams of winning the division. To make matters worse, they’ll most likely be on the road for all of the playoffs.

  15. Toronto- Lolcows of the week

  16. Phoenix- That's how you smack a playoff hopeful in the mouth.

  17. Tokyo- Could this be? Could Tokyo have found their franchise qb in Woosley?

  18. Omaha- Absolutely ridiculous. What should've been an easy game turned into Omaha getting ejected from the playoff picture.

  19. Flint- Well there will always be the offseason.

  20. Tri-Cities- Another week, another week of suffering for the Seattle Residents.


In a battle of top seeds, Chicago hosts Salt Lake City. This has GOTW written all over it. Both teams need this win to secure the coveted number one seed. I think Chicago is the one that gets it done.

Fli @ NH

From the great lakes to the Eastern Seaboard, the Lancers hosts the Firebirds in a North division game. New Haven desperately need this win to keep Toronto from getting into the playoffs over them. Fortunately for them, Fint has looked miserable down this stretch of the season. I got NH big.


The ownerless Reapers hosts the Grizzlies in another North division matchup. The Reapers are officially a joke of a franchise and deserve to be burned to the ground. New York claims another body as they knock off the Reapers for good.

Jac @ MEM

The Tribe host the Crabs in the next matchup. Both teams are coming off very impressive wins and are looking to finish strong. This game ultimately comes down to this Memphis front 7 vs Akaji Adebewale. The Tribe have nearly fourteen sacks in the last two games and have terrorized Rasheed Davis and Brad Sorenson. I just don’t think Jackson has the talent at offensive line to stop this talented defensive front.


Moving down the Mississippi, New Orleans hosts Miami in a pivotal southern matchup. New Orleans need this win to avoid becoming a wild card team and Miami needs this win to keep pace with Memphis, who swept them this season. I think the Voodoo is the team that rebounds in the end and stays ahead in the Division.


These two teams are coming off huge divisional wins. Now, they look to solidify their spot in the playoffs with a win. I expect Charleston’s offense to make short work of Colorado.


In what should be a snooze fest, the hopeless Marshalls take on the Wolfpack, who are coming off an embarrassing home loss to Jackson. Green Bay will lick their wounds and send the Marshalls blasting off again like Team Rocket.


In what should be a way more interesting matchup, the Falcons play in what should be their final regular season home game vs the Fighters. As much as I want to, I’m not picking the Fighters. I think RC is tired of losing of wants to please these loyal fanbase one last time.


Meanwhile overseas, The Titans hosts the Portland Cougars. Once again, this is another matchup Portland should easily win despite being the road team.


The sin city Gamblers hosts the sickenly… bad Fever. Hehe see what I did there? Anyways, this is an easy game for the playoff bound Gamblers as they try to rebound from a hard loss to the Vipers.

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