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Jake's Way too early power rankings

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

1. Chicago. Defending champs so got respect that

2. Colorado. There roster actually looks really good and im kinda nervous seeing i vs them twice

3. Jackson. There secondary on paper is built to perfection. And with Adebowale and Mathews returning, there built to create a dynasty

4. Green Bay. I might be a bit bias but i feel like Hammer, Frank, and I have built a great team

5. New Haven. The Lancers havent really been relevant since there amazing S1 campaign but they got Blanchard and Manning returning plus a great FA and Draft, this team could make a deep run in the playoffs

6. Portland. Another newbie team that cracks the top 10. The Cougars have put together a very good looking team. Plus with Deandre Washington and Jack Piekarczyk, there QB room is the best in the WFA

7. Rapid City. The Falcons have a really good looking reciver room. They had one of the top offenses last season and with there additions to there Offense, they could go all the way

8. Tokyo. As much as i hate to say this. Smith and his staff have put together a really good loking team. With Baby Goat finally geting much needed help in the trenches, Tokyo could make a splash in the post season

9. New York. The Grizz have an elite D Line. Plus the addition of Curt McDuffie? There Defense is coming together very well. Tho the only real concern is woth there stripped down offense. They traded away Fitz, have a very weak looking O Line, they might have problems

10. Toronto. To round up our top 10 the Reapers. Tom has made move, after move, after move, this off season. They have a strong Reciver core, signed Jaga Bettis, and have a great Defensive unit

11. Miami. Miami is much improved from S4. They have filled in some holes from last season, tho the issue is there lack of an O Line which could mess them up in the long run 12. NOLA. The VooDoo dont look very strong this season. The lack of an O Line and Weak secondary put them low on this list 13. Phoneix. The Fighters have potential. Tho there issues come from the Trench Dogs on both sides of the ball. Where they at?? 14. Salt Lake City. The Viper have many issues that jump out at me. There lack of a WR2, a weak O Line, and a Secondary that is weaker compared to others. They have some good player yes, but i dont think they have a good team 15. Tri Cities. Has a great QB with a very good reciveing core but, a weak O Line and a weak secondary i dont see the Fever doing much 16. Las Vegas. The Gamblers continue the trend of teams having weak O Lines. Plus an average Secondary and Linebacker Core there gonna be forgetable. 17. Charelston. The Swamp Foxes issue comes from a lack of a all star player. They have a ok looking team but there just one player in each area. 1 solid LB, 1 solid saftey etc. Who knows myb thats all u need 18. Flint. With Nick Mollineaux at QB they prob aint going anywhere. They also have no D Line. 1 whole LB and a very weak secondary 19. Memphis. This team down the line will be an elite team but at this point there kinda in a rebuild mode. With Jamie Spencer at QB whos a copper, there gonna spend a few seasons developing him. I will credit them with a strong O Line and a pretty good D Line. 20. Omaha. And finally the Marshalls. This team as of rn has no WR1, they have Kelton Shields and Jake Mollineaux making a very strong HB room. Tho a weak O Line, D Line, Line Backer core, and a Secondary that is the weakest in the leauge

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