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Inside The WFA with Jim "The Fudge" Copeland: Colin Pierce

Inside The Word Football Alliance with Jim "The Fudge" Copeland Fudge: Day/Night/ or Whenever you read this hope you are doing great!!! We are here with My first Guest, Season 6 Championship owner Colin Pierce. I would like to thank Dr.Pierce for giving me his time for a few questions and ask if he has anything he would like to say before I begin with questions?

Colin Pierce: Thanks for asking me to do this! I’m honored and super excited to be talking to you. I love seeing people getting involved in the league beyond their players and you certainly are doing that here. Fudge: Yes Sir, glad to be able to do something so many others enjoy. Q1: How did you find the WFA, how long before you realized you wanted to become more involved with the league? Colin Pierce: I actually found my first sim league last June. Dave and my brother found a league and they were talking about how excited they were for the draft. I had no idea what they were talking about but after sitting down with them and seeing what was happening I became hooked. I had never heard of APF2k8 and had no idea what discord was lol. I joined that league for a little bit then found the WFA through a friend. Dave and I joined the WFA together and fell in love with the community and the culture here. It was laid back and fun. We knew we wanted to start doing our best to get involved right away at the start. Quickly, I started telling Derek and Ryan about it as well as other friends/family and we got quite a few people to join in the fun. Dave and I thought we would own a team together but to our surprise, they offered us each spots as owners. After that, I guess you can say the rest is history, Montreal was born. Fudge: Q2: How did you decide who wanted on your team as far as staff and basic roster stars? Colin Pierce: After Dave and I discovered we wouldn't be running a team together, and would actually be competing in the same division, we had to bust up the crew. The deal was that Dave took my brother (Nolan-POT RB), and my dad (Randy-POT WR), and I kept my best buds from college Derek(MON FS) and Ryan (MON WR). Ryan has an incredible knack for graphics and media so he was an easy choice for hire as director of communications. Derek has an incredible talent for bringing people together and building community. This is why he is GM of the Berserkers. Together we decided that we wanted to have a locker room of not just talent but active members (something the league was lacking at the time). We met Bradley Davis and Mojo Rizing that offseason and knew we had to get their players. We prioritized drafting these guys so we could start building a community in Montreal. Prioritized them so much that we missed drafting the QB I made for that draft. But thankfully we ended up with (Michael) Napoli who lead us to the Gen Bowl Fudge: Q3: What do you look for in potential Staff, Players, opposing Owners? Colin Pierce: When I'm looking to bring someone to Montreal I look for activity in the server, responsiveness to DMs, and a willingness to learn. You check those boxes and ill pay the big bucks to have you because all 3 of these things are hard to find in someone. A goal of mine is to bring in talent, teach, and then send them back out to the league for future ownership. My vision is for Montreal to become the standard for talent on & off the field. Fudge: Q4: What is your favorite part of the league and why? Colin Pierce: 100% the community. Obviously, I love watching the games live with Derek and Ryan but more than that I enjoy happy hour productions and announcing the games. Interacting with the league is super fun and feels like you're just out having fun with your friends. Fudge: Q5: Going forward what would you like for the league to possibly add and why? Colin Pierce: This league needs a more hands-on deck doing things behind the scenes. Right now this falls on the shoulders of just a couple of people and that's not sustainable. Fudge: Q6: Is there anything you would like to tell anyone possibly considering joining the WFA? Colin Pierce: The best thing about a league like this is you can do as little or as much as you like. You can sit back and watch your player on the field or you can hop onto a teams staff and experience a deeper knowledge of the game. It's a blast and I think everybody should give it a try. Fudge: Q7: Is there anything you would like the league to know about you they may not know: Colin Pierce: I feel like this league knows a lot about me and if they knew anymore they'd steal my identity lol. Fudge: Well I would like to take the time to again say thank you to Dr.Pierce and I really appreciate you being the first one to be interviewed by me. Is there anything you would like to say to those reading this or to anyone in general? Colin Pierce: Thanks for having me again, I think this is awesome. Keep up the good work and most of all have fun! Oh yeah, one more thing. #GoBerserk Stay tuned for more interviews conducted by Jim "The Fudge" Copeland!

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