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Free Agency Rundown

1. Curt McDuffie CB Ghosts (Gold) He won the Defensive Player of the Year last year. That’s really all you have to know but I’ll give you a little more. He led all CBs in Ints with 7 and he wrapped up 52 Tackles to go along with it. People have been avoiding him on the outside for years now and as a former Man of the Year, McDuffie will stay clean and be a locker room leader. What more can you ask for. 2. Kevin Vance WR Voodoo (Gold) Everyone is always looking for game-changers. Vance is a game-breaker. The Steel relied on him to move their offense and when he was on, he was unstoppable. He had 1,524 yards, 3rd in the league with an added 14 TDs, which is impressive. If you can afford him, Vance is a guy to go after that could win you a championship.

3. Tim Miles SS Fighters (Silver) Tim Miles was one of my favorite breakout stars from last year. He dominated for Phoenix and kept them in quite a few games. He racked up 96 Tkls and 16 TFLs to go along with 7 Ints (Second best among SS) Without Miles and Tim Grady, I don’t know where the Fighters would have ended up but it would have been far from the top. 4. Travis Stafford WR Voodoo (Gold) Just as amazing as his partner on the Voodoo, Travis Stafford broke out hard this year. He had 100 Receptions that led to 1523 yards and 12 TDs. Stafford hasn’t put up these kind of numbers until this year so regression is still on the table but he was incredible out of the slot and even if you don’t have a great QB, Stafford will be a solid option to take the dump offs and save you in a big spot. Take a shot on this guy.

5. Abdul Hodge SS Voodoo (Gold) Abdul Hodge won SS of the Year. That’s really all you need to know but I’ll give you some more information. He started as a LB but he was amazing in Coverage so he was moved back there and he has thrived. He can go sideline to sideline and make every play you are looking for him to make. He had an incredible 9 INTs (Top in the league) and added a very solid 78 Tkls and 12 TFLs. Hodge is a game changer and should be jumped on.

6. Herald Mortiz QB Voodoo (Silver) Mortiz is a winner. He made it to the championship game in Season 2 and Season 4 and he wasn’t just a passenger. He was 7th in the league in Passing with 3,700 Yards and he threw in 27 TDs which is near the top. There are concerns with the 19 INTs he had but most of the top QBs this year had 14+ INTs last year so it is comparable. Mortiz has constantly been a top QB and people should jump on that.

7. Kingston Simpson DT Firebirds (Silver) Simpson is one of the future stars of the league. He was drafted as the 1st Overall pick in the season 3 draft and he has been a great player since. He was severely underused in year one but he made a huge jump in his sophomore year. He was living in the backfield with 13 Sacks (5th Among DTs) and 24 TFLs. Simpson was great next to Boogie Turner and he should be amazing next season whether he is back in Flint or not.

8. Beau Bacon FS Grizzlies (Silver) Beau Bacon was another surprise in the secondary as a part of one of the best defenses. A 5th Round pick in Season 3, Bacon has really stepped up his game and become a quality starter for any team. He had 7 INTs (First for FSs) and had 51 Tkls to go along with it. He played on a stacked defense so I’m interested to see what he will do for a less than stellar defense.

9. Nick Mollineaux QB Titans (Gold) Of all the Mollineaux’s, Nick has had the best career trajectory. When he was with the Wolf Pack he was considered one of the stalwarts of the QB position. He had some playoff success and was near the top of the heap as far as stats go. He was traded to the Titans where his success wasn’t spectacular since the coaching staff just couldn’t help themselves from seeing what their young QB could do. Mollineaux and his status with the coaching staff is unknown but if you are a young team looking for a QB, he is a very good option.

10. Shaquille Lender WR Marshalls (Silver) Lender was the best WR in a very Crowded room. The 4th Overall Pick in the Season 2 Draft, Lender has lived up to that selection posting 1,260 yards (6th best) and 8 TDs. He averaged 16.4 yards per catch and he had the least amount of Catches of the top 8 WRs (77) If he became the number 1 somewhere, Lender could have even more gaudy numbers than he already does.

11. Bob Owens SS Grizzlies (Silver) Bob Owens really excelled next to Beau Bacon on the Grizzlies defense. He picked up the Tackles getting 75 with 5th INTs on the side (3rd Among SS). He has come a long way since being a 2nd Round pick in the Season 2 draft. The Grizzlies will probably have to choose between him and Bacon and it will be a hard choice either way.

12. Tim Grady ILB Fighters (Silver) Tim Grady is a very under the radar player. He has quietly become a top LB in the league for Phoenix and he should get some time in the sun. He had 93 Tkls last year (4th among ILBs) and he also had an amazing 26 TFLs. Grady may always be the quiet grinder but I really hope he continues to shine in this league.

13. Chris Dixon RB Ghosts/FA (Gold)

Some people would not want to give a spot to a guy who hasn't played in a year, but Dixon is a monster, and 1 year out of the business isn't going to change that. Dixon was a game changer for Chicago and he had multiple games over 150 yards. He was traded straight up for Cade Smith which should tell you how much value he has. Don't miss out on this guy.

14. Demi Obiomen DE Firebirds (Bronze)

Flint's 3rd round pick last year, Obiomen played well above expectation. He had 13 Sacks (8th in the league at DE) and 20 TFLs. He was often overlooked because of who else was on that line but he should not be slept on. He could be a number one rusher for most teams.

15. Vernard Pringley DE Fighters (Bronze)

Pringley is a real shocking star. After being Undrafted last year, Pringley came out of nowhere to win the starting job in Phoenix. And he ran with it racking up 14 Sacks (7th in the league) and 17 TFLs. Pretty awesome for an Undrafted player. Pringley could very easily come back to Phoenix and do it all again but he could become a hot commodity this Off-Season.

16. Bryce Bradshaw CB Wolf Pack (Silver)

A great CB with a lot of potential, Bradshaw is always making plays. He can lock down anyone and the because of the lack of great players at the position, Bradshaw should be a guy to pounce on. The Wolf Pack staff were very happy with him last season and it will be hard to tear him out of their grasp but it’s worth a shot to get this great player.

17. Gerald Fredrick ILB Grizzlies (Silver) After being a development player for his first few seasons, Frederick really jumped off the screen this year. He had 84 Tkls (6th best for ILBs) and also had 21 TFLs. Much like the Grizzlies Defensive backs, They all took stats from each other and when compared to other players they should be given another couple slots. Frederick will be great wherever he goes.

18. Jake Blanchard RB Mambas (Gold) Blanchard was another guy that was hidden on the quietly talented Mambas team. He racked up 1,200 yards which was 7th in the league. He also had 7 TDs, a solid number that will only be better on a better offense. Mambas got wins because of him and Blanchard should be a guy that people go after to get to another level.

19. Kazuya Wakamatsu DE VooDoo (Silver) Iron Fist was kind of a quiet guy last season. He wasn’t at the top of the Sack list and he wasn’t a crazy good player as he was in the past. But Wakamatsu can be a guy that can show up and give you 3 sacks in the game. He was the scariest part of the season 2 and 3 team and he could be right back there next year. He should be heavily bid on this off-season.

20. Chad Fortune TE Nightmares (Silver)

Chad Fortune is the most overlooked player in the league. He was a great player in the Crabs first championship game but they left him up in the expansion draft. He was picked up by the New Orleans Gamblers (Future Nightmares) and he was a go to target in that offense as well. He had 690 yards (4th among TEs) and a 17.3 Yard Per Catch (Top among TEs). He only had 3 TDs but it wasn’t a great offense so whoever gets him could use him in his final form.

21. Gregory Pitcher WR Mambas (Gold) Pitcher was held back by the surrounding offense but he made the most of his opportunities. He had 70 Receptions that went for 1132 Yards and threw in 11 TDs to go along with it. The Vipers really need to bring back some of these former Mambas and Pitcher should be on that list. Always a threat to score and never someone to look down on, Greg Pitcher will be next year's breakout star.

22. DeShawn Harrison QB Nightmares (Silver)

Harrison is a Risk. He didn't have a ton of work last season in Miami but he has shown some ability. He was a second round pick last year and after training under Brad Sorenson, He could be a Franchise QB somewhere. It just depends who takes a chance on him.

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