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Free Agency: DAY THREE

Day three of the World Football Alliance's Free Agency Period has come to a close but not without big news breaking, several players have inked contracts and one name stands out among them. WR | Travis Stafford - Tri-Cities Fever : Quite possibly the best ranked wide out currently available has signed with the expansion Tri-Cities Fever team for a 3 year deal worth $66 million. Team owner Noah Johns spoke about the signing early this morning saying "I am glad he chose us. I am happy to know that we've influenced him to come here. I really like our chances of having a good season Travis is a great player and is gonna fit what we wanna do." Stafford will be considered the number one target for gold QB Daniel Bryan who joined the Fever from the Phoenix Fighters via the Season 5 Expansion Draft. QB | Nick Mollineaux - Flint Firebirds: This off-season the Firebirds moved on from their franchise quarterback, Vincent Morris allowing him to go unprotected in the Expansion Draft where he was eventually claimed by the Las Vegas Gamblers. The void in the Flint roster was filled late last night as Nick Mollineaux the former Tokyo Titan has inked a 2 year contract worth $20 million and a rather low $25,000 signing bonus. It appears that his time in Tokyo may have diminished his value in the eyes of WFA general managers and owner Alex Darr was willing to take the bargain and give Mollineaux a shot as their franchise quarterback. FS | Bob Owens - New York Grizzlies: The veteran safety will return to the Grizz after inking a 4 year Silver contract with a $800,000 signing bonus. Owens will bring a familiarity to a defensive secondary that has been cleared out by expansion and free agency. This is a great first step toward rebuilding the New York defense. CB | Matt Owens - Salt Lake City Vipers: Owens will head to Utah to join the Vipers after inking a 4 year Silver contract with a $250,000 signing bonus. Owens is considered to be among the top three best Corner Backs available in this season's free agency pool and the Vipers were able to slither in and sign him for a steal.

Full List of Free Agency Signings as of the end of Day 3:

K | Tom Bowman - Toronto Reapers 3 years $500 Bonus WR | James White - Toronto Reapers 3 years $2M Bonus WR | Travis Stafford - Tri-Cities Reapers 3 years $2M Bonus

FS | Bob Owens - New York Grizzlies 4 years $800k Bonus

QB | Jake Lesnar - New Orleans VooDoo 3 years

DT | Adam Evans - Toronto Reapers 4 years $1,000 Bonus

G | Phillip Hernandez - New York Grizzlies 3 years $800k Bonus T | Mike Tomlinson - Tokyo Titans 1 year $1M Bonus G | Nile Winter - Tokyo Titans 1 year $1.1M Bonus C | Chris Boseman - Green Bay Wolfpack 1 year $420 Bonus QB | Nick Mollineaux - Flint Firebirds 2 years $25K Bonus FS | Troy Malifa - Chicago Ghosts 2 years

CB | Matt Owens - Salt Lake City Vipers 4 years $250k Bonus FS | Denzel Cummings - Jackson Crabs 2 Years WR | Thomas Noble - Chicago Ghosts 1 Year $5000 Bonus

Day four of the WFA Free Agency period will begin today at noon eastern and we are sure to see another wave of signings by the end of the day. As always check us out on Twitter @WFASim and don't forget to check out our Discord channel.

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