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Free Agency: Day Six

Day six of the WFA Free Agency Period sees the daily list of signings grow as the window for players to sign wanes. There are three signings that really leap off the page and here they are: QB | LeRoy Lucas Grant - Tokyo Titans: The Titans add to their QB room by signing WFA veteran LeRoy Lucas Grant to a Silver contract worth just north of $10 million over two years. The intrigue with this signing is that QB competition that is surely to commence this pre-season as the Titans already carry a Silver QB in Darnell Fisher. This will be a situation that the entire WFA will want to keep an eye on; will the Titans keep both Silver signal callers for the season or are they willing to deal one of them in-season?

CB | Bryce Bradshaw - Green Bay Wolfpack: Owner Jake Mollineaux publicly stated that he wanted to resign Bryce Bradshaw and that's exactly what he accomplished. Bradshaw will rejoin his season 4 year on a 4 year silver contract with a $3 million signing bonus giving the contract a total value of $23 million. Only time will tell if this big contract will pay off the Wolfpack who are eyeing their first Pacific Conference Championship.

OLB | Dada Osakwe - Phoenix Fighters: The 'Roos opened up their checkbook to bring back lineback Dada Osakwe for season five, tendering a 3 year Bronze contract plus a $3 million signing bonus making this contract worth $10.5 million. The second largest contract that the Fighters currently carry is for a player that they hope will lead their defense on a run in a wide open Pacific West Division.

Full List of day six signings:

Cougars Albert Lewis CB 4yrs (50k)

Cougars Prince Washington SS 4yrs (50k)

Cougars Dmitri Petrovich P 3yrs ($3)

Titans Leroy Lucas Grant QB 2yrs (2.5k)

Titans Demetrius George WR 2yrs (4k)

Wolf Pack Bryce Bradshaw CB 4yrs (3M)

Clash Paul Jones QB 1yrs

Clash Chris Yar'Adua TE 1yrs

Clash Caesar Hale DE 1yrs ($100)

Clash Reid Worthington K 1yrs (1.5k)

Tribe August Edwards T 2yrs

Tribe Dennis Lorenzen G 1yrs (1k)

Tribe Alphonso Broyles C 1yrs (1k)

Tribe Robert Champa G 1yr (25k)

Tribe Keavon Graham C 2yrs (150k)

Fighters Dada Osakwe OLB 3yrs (1M)

Grizzlies Everette Campbell G 3yrs (6k)

Today is the final day of the Free Agency period with the transaction window opening at noon eastern and closing at 11pm eastern time.

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