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Free Agency: Day Seven

The finale of the World Football Alliance's season six Free Agency Period leaves us with quite the cliffhanger, will teams be successful with the piece they were able to add? It is a question to which we will wait nearly four months for an answer. Teams have another opportunity to add pieces via the season six Rookie Draft and of course an opening signing period leading into the pre-season, but for right now let's look at the biggest day seven signings. RB | Jake Blanchard - New Haven Lancers: The Lancers land a big-time running back known for his bruising style of running the former Mambas back looks to be rejuvenated on the east coast and his contract should go a long way in helping with that an estimated $48 million dollar contract spread over 4 years, Blanchard should be the hallmark in the Lancers offense far beyond season six.

WR | Gregory Pitcher - Salt Lake City Vipers: The new kids on the block, the SLC Vipers went out on day seven to sign a vertical threat for newly signed free agent QB Harrison Miller. Gregory Pitcher was a big piece to the Mambas offense last season and will look to have a break out season with the relocated team this season. Pitcher's contract is 4 years worth $45 million

WR | Kevin Vance - New Orleans VooDoo: NOLA used their VooDoo to bring back their top passing target from last season inking K-Vance to a 4 year $42 million contract that everyone in the Crescent City should be excited about.

QB | Jamie Spencer - Memphis Tribe: The ownership of the Memphis football club have been very vocal about their support of Jamie Spencer as their "franchise quarterback" and they've put their money where their mouth is signing Spencer to a 4 year Copper level contract with a $250,000 signing bonus. It will be interesting to see how Spencer develops in Memphis and if he truly a franchise quarterback as their owner has labeled him.

Full list of Day Seven Signings:

Clash Forrest Dalton RB 2yrs (7.5k)

Clash John Paxton SS 3yrs (6.5k)

Clash Russel Sharp T 1yr ($1005)

Clash Sione Thurman OLB 1yr (1.5k)

Cougars Jarvis Chipper DE 4yrs (2k)

Cougars John Boyles G 4yrs (300k)

Cougars Robert Cook T 4yrs (300k)

Cougars Tyler Dawson ILB 4yrs (100k)

Cougars William Howard ILB 4yrs (100k)

Falcons Connor Crosby T 4yrs (30k)

Falcons D'Angelo Vickers CB 3yrs (30k)

Falcons Jordan Nagy WR 4yrs (30k)

Falcons Justice Payne CB 3yrs (60k)

Falcons Nicoholas Coleman DT 4yrs (45k)

Falcons Steph Morgan WR 4yrs (40k)

Ghosts Deverison McCauley-Shills II RB 1yr

Ghosts Hikali Murray ILB 2yrs (50k)

Grizzlies Antonio Mansfield WR 3yrs (3k)

Grizzlies Beau Bacon FS 4yrs (3.1M)

Grizzlies Diego Pascal DE 4yrs (20k)

Grizzlies Gerald Fredrick ILB 4yrs (1.7M)

Grizzlies Jackson Andrews TE 3yrs ($100)

Lancers Bryant Bunkley CB 4yrs (300k)

Lancers DeShawn Carter DE 4yrs (600k)

Lancers Jake Blanchard RB 4yrs (8M)

Lancers Joey Malu WR 3yrs

Lancers Jordan D'Alban WR 2yrs ($100)

Lancers JT Kosher TE 3yrs (1k)

Lancers Lance Thurman CB 2yrs (100k)

Marshalls Chad Fortune TE 3yrs (5M)

Marshalls JAGA Cambell DE 2yrs (2M)

Marshalls Jake Mollineux RB 4yrs (80k)

Marshalls Omar Diamond ll RB 2yrs (250k)

Marshalls Rick Rico OLB 3yrs (70k)

Marshalls Ted Grady ILB 2yrs (6M)

Marshalls Vic Richardson FB 4yrs (70k)

Marshalls Zach Rosen QB 3yrs (60k)

Nightmares Kingston Simpson DT 2yrs (2.9M)

Reapers Corey Middles DT 1yr

Reapers Samuel Davis OLB 3yrs (40k)

Swamp Foxes Carlos Reyes RB 4yrs (3k)

Swamp Foxes Herald Mortiz QB 3yrs (2.5k)

Swamp Foxes Jamal Perkins CB 3yrs (1k)

Titans Claude Raymonde CB 1yr (1k)

Titans John Siamon FS 1yr (1k)

Titans Kemorian Moore RB 2yrs (1k)

Tribe Brandon Rankin T 2yrs (500k)

Tribe Jamie Spencer QB 4yrs (250k)

Tribe Tony Cucos K 3yrs (1k)

Vipers Charles Robinson DE 3yrs (300k)

Vipers Gregory Pitcher WR 4yrs (5M)

Vipers Harrison Miller QB 3yrs (150k)

Vipers Jamarkus Murray FS 3yrs (50k)

Vipers Jeff Gallery DT 3yrs (50k)

Vipers Sean Nicholson TE 4yrs (500k)

Vipers Steven Jefferson FS 3yrs (50k)

Voodoo Charles Brown DE 2yrs (500k)

Voodoo Kevin Vance WR 4yrs (2M)

Voodoo MJ Thomas WR 2yrs (30k)

Voodoo Morgan McDaniel OLB 2yrs (100k)

Voodoo Scott Smith G 2yrs (500k)

Wolf Pack John Hernadez T 2yrs ($1001)

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