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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - ST Edition

To finish out the position ranking we take a look at the specialists. There were only two punters in this group. Both have solid attributes but with those being selected randomly who knows what they can do once they join your team. Punters Joearth Link - Georgia - 6-2, 213. Can anyone explain this dudes name? Oh well, as long as he pins teams inisde the 20 who gives a rat's ass? Gerald Jones - Florida - 6-1, 190. Good leg. Get him early, I hear teams are talking to his agent. Kickers T.T. McGee - McGill - 6-1, 190. He is the second best player from tiny McGill. He will make a splash at the next level. You heard it here first.(edited) Jack Lewis - Boise State - 6-2, 205. Big enough to save your coverage if he has to make a tackle.

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