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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - S Edition

This afternoon we analyze and rank the safeties. I have combined free safeties with strong safeties as these players came in a variety of sizes. I will tell you that there are three of each on this list. Its a deep draft class in my opinion. 6. LaVernious Boomstick - Michigan State - 6-0, 200. Another great name for a defensive stud. This guy brings the heat. He had 10 tackles from his FS position and added two interceptions. 5. Valdimir Dracul - Florida State - 6-4, 250. Dracul played very blood thirsty this college season. He had 13 tackles and 1 Int. He is heavy and I wonder if that wont be a mismatch against slot receivers that he will see at the next level. 4. Douglas Johnstone - Louisville - 6-2, 230. He has the prototypical SS build. He backed it up with solid productivity. He had 14 tackles and 3 TFLs. he will be a great force player in somebody's defense. 3. Jeffrey Chinn - Washington - 6-3. 223. Chinn had 15 tackles and was a turnover machine with 2 Ints and a forced fumble. He is big for a FS and may be able to make the move to SS with the way he plays. 2. Andrew Holness - Georgia - 6-2, 217. With 16 tackles and a fumble recovery this cat has prodcuvity to go with great physical attributes. Big enough to be a nickel slot corner and still defend the edge well. 1. Andrew Aaron XV - Notre Dame - 6-4, 220. WOW! This guy is fun to watch. His size and speed enable him to be a serious playmaker. He lead all defenders with 19 tackles and 3 TFLs. He would bring a lot of ability to a team and could be a three down DB that played as a hybrid SS/OLB.

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