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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - RB Edition

Legatron’s Analysis of Rookie RBs If you like BIG backs, this draft doesn’t disappoint. Only one smaller back was able to crack my TOP 5. That being said, here we go.

5. The smaller version of my list begins with James Brown - North Carolina - 5-8, 188. James wiggles his way to 351 yards and averaged 8.1 per carry. He scored three TDs and had zero fumbles. Can’t wait to see his end zone dance!

4. Kao Aolani - USC - 6-1, 225. Kao led the Trojans with 379 yards and an average of 7.9 per carry. He scored 4 times. He may have smaller hands as he did fumble once.

3. August Rush - Navy - 6-0, 235. This guy is a hammer. A very physical ball carrier with good size. He gained 524 yards and averaged 9.7 per carry. He scored 5 TDs and just like the trustworthy men of our armed forces, he had no fumbles.

2. Hibyiah Freidman- Texas - 6-3, 248. The biggest back on our list didn’t disappoint when he was lugging the rock for the Longhorns. He ran the ball for 530 yards and averaged 12.3 per carry. He scored 4 TDs.

1. Aaron Higdon - Minnesota - 6-0, 235. Paul Bunyon in cleats! This big boy ran for 595 yards and an amazing 13.2 yards per carry. He had 9 touchdowns. Clearly he is the class of a good group of runners. My only question is why didn’t he get the ball more? If you need a bell cow back, these five have the ability to take over games. Happy Hunting!

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