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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - OLB Edition

OLB Rankings As I stated before, I really prefer OLBs to be taller athletes. But these guys performed the best at the position. I do think when teams consider them that they should also consider moving some of these guys to ILB. Here we go: 5. Brian Shaw - Iowa - 6-1, 239. This guy has a nose for the ball with 10 tackles. His build is better suited inside. 4. Chad Green - Iowa- 6-2, 242. One can only imagine what these two linebackers would have done if they were paired up on the inside at Iowa. 11 tackles with 5 for a loss tells me this player can make the big play! 3. MJ Rivers - tOSU - 6-1, 235. Is he a big safety or a small edge player? Time will tell. 12 tackles with 4 TFLs says he can play. 2. Sandy Wills - Louisville - 6-1, 245. Another body best suited inside. 14 tackles tells us that this player is the hardest hitting athlete to come out of Louisville since Muhammad Ali. 1. Blake Sellers - Auburn - 6-6, 250. Finally a guy with build like Lawrence Taylor and production to match. His 15 tackles led all players at the position. Both linebacker groups are filled with solid players. I do think some will be drafted and their position will change at the next level.

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