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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - OL Edition

Tonight we examine offensive linemen. There are no stats to analyze so I am offering my all star offensive line from the college showcase. Who Knows? I might even give you a two deep.

Offensive Tackle - Some players think a bigger build is better but I lean towards not being too tall because excessively tall tackles usually can't move their feet well. My first team tackles would be Tim Richardson (6-4, 310) from Oklahoma State and Aatifa Mauti (6-5, 295) from Ohio State.(edited) Offensive Guard - At this position I look for guys who arent overly tall so that they have the pad levels to gain leverage on big defensive tackles. Agility is also a consideration. My first team offensive guards are Emile Benjamin (6-2, 335) from UCLA and Garland Gannon (6-3, 290) from Oregon State.(edited)

Center - Snapping ability is a key skill but I have never so much as one botched snap in APF 2k8 so I am looking for size similar to a guard. My first string center is Ricardo Franklin (5-11, 295) from Kansas State. I wont do a two deep because center is pretty thin. However, I will give you some Honorable Mentions of players worth considering to draft. Honorable Mention - Jesse Norfleet from Michigan is 5-11, 280 guard with quick feet. At tackle, Benjamin Shakim from Auburn is 6-6, 312 and is at the top end of size for the position. Happy drafting!

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