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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - DL Edition

Its Saturday. A great day to be evaluating defensive linemen. This should be less subjective since there are a few stats we can look at. We will try to combine production and attributes to help us gauge where these linemen are as potential draft picks. (Note: I am drinking beer while writing this. I assume no liability for what follows:

Top 4 DEs 4. Alexander Fowler - USC - 6-3, 340. If you dont want people running off tackle. This guys has the bulk to stuff the run.(edited) 3. Matua Palepoi - California - 6-3, 293. This kid had decent production with 9 tackles and 2 sacks. 2. Dabul Dozier - Wisconsin - 6-8, 290. If you like big players, this is your guy. He also had pretty good production with 13 tackles and 1 sack. 1. Salvatore Napoli - Alabama - 6-5, 280. This guy knows how to push the pocket into the lap of the quarterback. He is my top rated DE with 11 tackles and an awesome 4 sacks. Top DTs 4. Lee Coco - Syracuse - 6-6, 311. A big dude with good productivity. Coco has 6 tackles and 1.5 sacks.(edited) 3. Sandy Boxen - Syracuse - 6-3, 288. I like this players build better than his teammate. Both will be good pros. 5 tackles and 2 sacks for Boxen. 2. Curtis Brown - LSU - 6-5, 315. This kid has a light frame for a DT but he was still solid in the middle. 5 tackles and 3.5 sacks proves he can get to the qb. 1. Zebala Vetteducci - Alabama - 6-6, 323. I dont normally like DTs to be this tall but this guy can ball. He has 8 tackles and 4 sacks. Nick Saban has been sleeping like a baby ever since these guys declared for the WFA. He wakes up every two hours and cries.(edited) If winning the trenches is part of your organizational plan, these guys will be productive picks in the upcoming draft.

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