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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - DB Edition

The best teams in the WFA are throwing the ball regularly. Teams without good corners will have their defense exposed and gouged! Analyzing corners is tough. These are ranked based on a variety of production levels. If a corner only had tackles, he probably doesnt make our list because that might mean the LBs on that college team stunk. Its usually not a good thing if your DBs lead the team in tackles. So I pulled this list together from players who had at least one turnover. That being said, here are the five best corners available in the upcoming draft: 5. Michael Johnson - North Carolina - 6-0, 180. Michael had 5 tackles. He also recorded 2 TFLs and had an interception. 4. Adam Brown - McGill - 5-11, 192. Every draft has that one small school athlete who makes a splash in the pros. This might be the guy. He had 8 tackles, 3 TFLs, and racked up an interception for good measure. 3. Mojo Rizing - Florida St - 6-2, 195. This guy has the size to possibly move to free safety and has good ball skills to go with his size. He had 9 tackles and an interception. 2. Toomer Burton - Georgia - 6-0, 192. Like Rizing, he could be a nickel player if you need one. Burton is physical. He had 11 tackles but still had the ball skills to find an interception. 1. Doug Durkin - Miami - 6-2, 210. If you like big corners that are productive, here is your guy! The best stats at the position belong to this player. Durkin had 11 tackles, 3 TFLs and TWO interceptions!

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