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Car's, Bar's and Draft Picks with Dave Barr - QB Edition

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The NFL is a quarterback driven league. QB will be the first position we analyze as teams prep for the draft. This seems to be a fairly deep draft class at this position. Here are 4 players who set themselves apart in the college showcase. 4. Jon Rico - Florida State - 6-1, 220. Despite his smaller size, Rico managed to pass for 701 yards in the college showcase. He completed an amazing 81% of his passes. He does possess a quick release which may explain why defenses have only sacked him 3 times so far. He does combine a rocket arm with great pocket presence. He looks to be the Drew Brees of the WFA. 1 3. TJ Punk - UCLA - 6-4, 240. TJ has excellent size for the position. He threw for 704 yards and completed 79% of his passes. He is a natural born leader and is a workout warrior which may explain why he doesnt seem to tire in the 4th quarter. He needs to play in an offense that will throw the ball 50-60 times a game. He is very secure with the ball as he has only one interception at this point in time. 1 2. Mick Simpson - Alabama - 6-5, 245. Mick completed 64% of his passes for 753 yards. He is as big as many tight ends. If his receivers don't run the right routes, somebody is getting an ass kicking in the huddle. While he has laser point accuracy and a rocket arm, he did get sacked 9 times. This may indicate that he holds the ball too long or he played behind a group of shit OLs. Ball security is a struggle for him as he did throw 6 picks. 1. David Ridley - Syracuse - 6-5, 205. Ridley was the best qb statistically in the showcase this year. He has completed 68% of his passes for 924 yards. He has a great pocket presence to go with green laser accuracy. He has great arm strength and does a good job being secure with the ball as is shown by his only throwing one interception. Someone is gonna be glad they spent their first round draft pick on this guy. Honorable Mention: Yuri Svensson (Boise State) threw 5 TDs and Josh Claydon completed 76% of his passes.(edited) 2 2 January 13, 2021

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